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Whether we’re talking, smiling, eating or laughing, our mouths play a key role in daily life!

When our teeth don’t look or feel like they should, it impacts our health and wellness in critical ways.

Dental problems don’t heal themselves. Cavities become toothaches. Gum disease causes tooth loss. Missing teeth create bone loss.

Fortunately, with modern dentistry you can repair and replace teeth get them working for you again. Dr. Bec is a top San Antonio implant dentist and is passionate about helping you restore your healthy, beautiful smile!!

I meet people every day who are looking for real dental answers. So many people feel helpless and I get it. How can you know if a major treatment will be worth the money? Do you really have gum disease? What if the dentist is just ripping you off…?

— Truly understanding your condition and your options is the KEY to protecting yourself. —

The internet has all the answers, right? People love to ask google about their dental problems and that is both good and bad. Good information is out there, but the internet is also full of pop-culture health information. So often we read things that make sense and promises results without telling the whole story. I’ve seen patients hurt when they based their health decisions on a misleading article they found online. Add to that the fact that many dentists feel like they don’t have time to bother with patient education, and there’s a mega-sized information gap between the dentist and patient.

I care about educating patients because I care about my patients. Plus, I’ve taken over 1,000 hours of post-doctoral classes and training. I can turn the medical jargon into everyday language for you, the patient, to understand.

The purpose of this website is to bridge the information gap. I want to put my knowledge out there as a resource for people looking for dental answers. You’ll find dental health information to help you figure out your condition and to learn about ALL your options. Whether you’re my patient or not, this website was created to help YOU! Information puts the power of choice back into your hands.

Welcome to the dental health control center!

Here’s to Your Health!

Dr. John Bec, D.M.D.

San Antonio Dentist

With so much information out there, it’s hard to know who to trust. Why should you trust me?

Maybe you’ve already heard something that contradicts what you read on my site. Maybe another dentist told you something different. Dentists don’t always agree. If you include everything the internet says, you’ll definitely find different opinions.

I only share what I’ve seen work. The information I share is grounded in four years of dental school plus nearly 1,000 hours of post-doctoral training and a decade of experience. Many things could be true or possible. I limit this website to what I know is practically true based on my years of experience as a San Antonio implant dentist. This doesn’t mean that my explanations or solutions are the only possibilities. It means that I only offer explanations and solutions I can stand behind 100%.

P.S. If something on this site is unclear or confusing, please email me your comments and let me know. It’s my mission to make this website clear and helpful for dental patients everywhere, not just in San Antonio, and I can only achieve this goal with your help! On our Contact Page you can email us your suggestions, comments or questions.

Meet Our San Antonio Team

This San Antonio dentist may be one of the best implant and cosmetic dentists in San Antonio, but he wouldn’t get very far without his fantastic team! They are friendly and fun – I’m sure you’ll love them! When you’re in our part of San Antonio, we welcome you to stop by and say “Hi!” If you have questions about a dental problem that requires an exam, we would love to help you answer your questions! We are passionate about helping people get healthier!

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