4 Signs A Filling Needs To Be Replaced

Nov 7, 2022 | Cosmetic Dentistry

Discolored Teeth

If you have any of these 4 signs, schedule an appointment with your dentist to see if they recommend replacing your filling!

1. Tooth Sensitivity

The first of the 4 signs a filling needs to be replaced is tooth sensitivity. People notice sensitivity to temperature, both hot and/or cold, as well as sweets and pressure. Temperature sensitivity, in particular, jumps out as a warning sign that your nerve is MAD. An irritated nerve happens for many reasons, but the most common one is a cavity infection that getting too close. Nerves don’t like infections and start to get testy. If you notice tooth sensitivity, go see your dentist soon. Failing fillings go from bad to worse very quickly.

2. Cracked Filling

When you see a crack in a filling or tooth, you see a problem. Cracks are one of the 4 signs that a filling needs to be replaced. Teeth and fillings crack for lots of reasons: rocks in rice, bottle caps, ice cubes, cavities and Aunt Martha’s rock hard fudge… Cracks cause problems because they give bad bacteria and food a hallway right into your tooth. Bacteria take your leftovers down the hall into your tooth and have a party. These parties get on your nerve’s nerves. Before you know it, you wake up with a painful toothache and potentially a dead, decayed tooth.

3. Discolored Filling

Discoloration around or under a filling can be just stain, but it’s more often one of the 4 signs a filling needs to be replaced. In fact, it usually signals that decay slipping under the edges of the filling. Decay blows teeth up quickly from the inside out if you don’t stop it early on. If you see discoloration around or under a filling, it is probably weakened or infected and things are about to get really ugly. Fix it before it hurts.

4. Tooth Pain

Most toothaches happen because of a leaking, infected filling or tooth. If you have tooth pain, go to your dentist and get it taken care of ASAP. Tooth pain transitions swiftly from pain to unbearable misery if you don’t fix the problem.

If you have any of these 4 signs a filling needs to be replaced, go see your dentist asap! To schedule a consultation with Dr. Bec, book online now!


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