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The road to becoming Dr. Bec started at Zion National Park

Isn’t that where all dentists start their journey? Nearly 20 years ago, I was finishing up a degree in computer science (of all things). Computer Science satisfied my love of detail and precision, but I was beginning to realize that sitting behind a monitor all day wasn’t for me. I wanted to be with people and make a difference in their lives. Over spring break, I hiked Zion National Park with friends from church. While discussing life after college, a friend threw out the question, ‘Why don’t you become a dentist?’ And as they say, ‘the rest is history.’

Zion Park

From Basic “Dr. Bec the Dentist” to Miracle Worker

My sweet wife had suffered from intense morning headaches since she was a teenager. She’d seen dozens of doctors without getting any answers. In dental school, a professor very knowledgable in TMJ and TMD heard about my wife’s headaches. When he told me he knew how to fix them and that he’d teach me, I rushed to call my wife (from a payphone – didn’t have smart phones back then!). When I told her I could fix her headaches with a custom bite splint, she was naturally skeptical. ‘You think you can fix my headaches with a piece of special plastic? That’s Crazy!’ Eventually, she agreed to let me try. To both of our utter amazement… it worked.

Dr. Bec & His Headache-Fueled Passion

For my wife, her cure seemed like a miracle. For me, it was the beginning of a passion for transforming lives with dentistry. Imagine enduring intense daily headaches and in 24 hours having them gone! Dentistry does that for many people in many ways. Think about it! For people who are losing teeth, every implant is like a miracle. Implants are revolutionizing how we age, giving us new teeth that act and feel like our original teeth only stronger. Implants keep us looking younger, eating healthier and smiling more confidently. Who would have thought that was possible 30 years ago? Sedation is making miracles too. With sedation, people who are terrified of the dentist can save their teeth even if they’re broken down to the point that they’re in constant pain and can’t eat. With sedation, people who are afraid can get a completely new healthy smile. Talk about radical life change!

Dr. Bec, Aren’t You JUST a General Dentist

Yes, a general dentist, but not ‘just’ a general dentist.

Being a general dentist, requires dental school. Since dental school, I’ve completed nearly 1,000 hours of additional training. I have extra training in implants, bone grafting, surgery, invisalign, sedation, advanced general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, orofacial pain, jaw joint health, bite health, and sleep dentistry.

Do I just love being in school? Why so much extra training? I know that ideal outcomes depend on both the dentist’s skill and the patient’s trust. When I invest in training, I build both my skill and my patients’ trust. This picture was taken when I was granted a fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry, an honor earned by just 6% of American dentists. That’s how I became Dr. John Bec, DMD, FAGD.

Dad was a carpenter, Mom cared for the elderly.

What do you get when you combine a finish carpenter and a caregiver? You get a perfectionist with heart. The attention to detail, the eye for artistry and the desire to care for people and help them live their healthiest lives runs my family. My parents taught me that it matters if a job is done right and that people matter more than things. The best outcomes in dentistry always come when excellence and precision are combined with an investment of trust and care. Heart plus head means being dedicated to the Process, the Product and most especially, the Person.

“Your smile matters because YOU matter.” – Dr. Bec

What does Dr. Bec do when he’s not doing dentistry?ย 

When I’m not caring for patients or attending courses, you might find me reading a book with my wife and daughter (maybe Chronicles of Narnia for the umpteenth time), hiking and exploring the outdoors, enjoying one of my daughter’s violin recitals, or daydreaming about snowboarding.

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