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Transforming lives by Transforming Smiles!

Our mission is to transform lives by transforming smiles. We do this by using advanced dental medicine to heal what’s hurting, to beautify what’s broken, and to restore what’s been lost. Our team wants every person who walks through our doors to leave healthier and more confident. Stop hiding your smile and experience the power of transformation!

Our Values / Our Vision

How Are We Transforming Smiles?

We believe that how something is done is as important as what is done. Our core values determine not only how we do dentistry, but also how we do everything else! Our values are abbreviated in the acronym JETSIRI:

J – Joy: A smile that lacks joy, lacks life.

E – Excellence: The distance between good and great is often small. The difference, though, is profound.

T – Teamwork: Transforming smiles requires an entire team!

S – Social Profit: The best kind of smile is one that helps our neighbors’ smile too.

I – Innovation: Precision is impossible without advanced digital technology. Constant education and investment is what brings this innovation to our patients.

R – Respect: Each person, patient and team member is valued and beautiful.

I – Integrity: What good is my smile, if my words and my actions don’t align?

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Smile for Smile: Light up the world with Smiles

If you ever talk to my parents, you’ll quickly figure out that they’re not from Texas. My parents grew up in Communist Romania where they constantly struggled to scrape together basics like milk & butter. You could probably guess that they did not have access to quality dental care. Because of this, my parents endured a lot of toothaches. Their struggle with dental health motivated me to become an implant dentist so that I could help repair their teeth properly. My childhood taught me firsthand the power of a healthy smile. I’ve seen how transforming smiles transforms lives.

My desire to help others goes beyond my own family. Because I also want to help those who live with fewer options than we have here in the U.S., I founded the Smile for Smile Initiative. Our mission is transforming smiles worldwide by sharing dental care, supplies and education to people in need around the world. So far, we’ve pulled teeth in the jungles of Vanuatu, fixed teeth at free clinics in Del Rio and Laredo, supported a hygienist going to Haiti and taught kids in the poorest region of Romania about how to take care of their teeth, giving many of them their first-ever toothbrushes!

We’ve also partnered with local charities to provide dental care for local San Antonians in need. And when I say we, that includes you! If you’re a patient at Precision Cosmetic Dentistry & Digital Dentures, you are part of our Smile for Smile Initiative! Caring for your smile helps us care for theirs!

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When fractions of millimeters matter, technology matters

My Dad taught me early on that to create something beautiful, you need the right tools. When transforming smiles, tools matter even more because we have to create teeth and dentures that are beautiful, strong and functional. The difference between great dentistry and failing dentistry can be less than a millimeter. We use the best tools and technology available because creating beautifully strong dentistry requires precision!

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