Are Dentures Uncomfortable?

Nov 19, 2022 | Digital Dentures

Some Dentures Are Comfortable, Some Are Not

7 Factors That Affect Denture Comfort

Every denture patient has times when their dentures are more comfortable than their old teeth and time when their dentures feel uncomfortable. These next seven factors are key to comfortable dentures.

Comfort Factor #1: Dentures ALWAYS Feel Better Than Bad Teeth

Many people put up with bad, miserable broken teeth for years because they’re afraid to get dentures. Every patient we make dentures for has told us they wished they would have made the change sooner. They cannot believe the relief they experience when the bad, painful teeth are finally gone. Having a beautiful new denture smile gives them a new lease on life. Dentures are not always comfortable, but they are never, ever as bad as horrible teeth. Don’t let fear trap you.

Comfort Factor #2: Don’t Expect Dentures to Feel Like Teeth

When people say that their dentures are bothering them, they are usually most frustrated by the fact that they expected full dentures to feel like natural teeth and they don’t. Our dentures look absolutely lifelike, but that doesn’t make them feel like actual teeth. Teeth are anchored into your bone. Dentures sit on top of your gum tissue. The fact that a denture will never feel like teeth doesn’t mean that a denture is uncomfortable. It simply means that a denture feels like a denture. Don’t let this fool you.

Comfort Factor #3: Comfortable Dentures Fit, Uncomfortable Ones Don’t

We occasionally meet denture wearers who HATE their false teeth. They come in miserable and complaining that their old dentist made them a terrible set of teeth and begging us to fix them. Don’t get me wrong – some dentists do make terrible, ill fitting dentures. However, very often the patient’s mouth has changed shape because of bone loss and their denture has stayed the same. That denture simply needs to be re-fitted and it will be comfortable again. Comfortable dentures fit well. Poorly fitting dentures feel uncomfortable.

Comfort Factor #4: Proper Denture Care is Key to Comfort

Denture sores are the most common complaint we hear about denture comfort. Many sores are a type of blister that can be fixed with an adjustment. The second most common type of sore is caused by yeast in the mouth (called thrush). Not only is thrush uncomfortable, but it is also an oral health problem that can affect your whole body if not treated. Proper denture care is THE KEY to preventing thrush and its uncomfortable sores. Watch our video below to learn more about the best ways to clean your dentures!

Comfort Factor #5: Regular Denture Maintenance Keeps Dentures Comfortable

If you think that getting dentures means that you’ll never have to see a dentist again, umm… think again please. Dentures left to themselves wear out faster and get uncomfortable and loose. All of our denture patients are on a yearly denture care & maintenance plan to insure that their dentures and their mouths stay healthy and in top shape. Avoid the dentist at your own risk.

Comfort Factor #6: Brand New Dentures Are Uncomfortable At First

After extractions, your mouth needs to heal. During this healing phase, dentures can feel uncomfortable. However, the discomfort is not so much the denture as it is the healing. Expect discomfort on and off as your mouth heals and you get used to your dentures. Expect the most discomfort at the beginning right after extractions. This is normal. First time denture wearer problems are primarily due to healing from extractions.

Comfort Factor #7: Worn Out Dentures Are Uncomfortable

When we meet someone complaining about an uncomfortable denture, the denture is either brand new and is uncomfortable because the patient is still in the healing phase OR it is old and worn out. Worn out dentures don’t fit well or chew well. Worn out dentures are frustrating and feel uncomfortable. Watch the video below to find out the 5 signs you may need a replacement denture.

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