Can Dentures Be Reshaped?

Nov 19, 2022 | Digital Dentures

3D Printed Digital Denture

Absolutely! Here Are 3 Ways We Reshape Dentures:

When people want to reshape their denture, they usually want to update it without having to remake the whole thing. Dentures have three main parts. We can change the shape of any part by itself or together with other parts so long as the denture itself isn’t too worn out or too big.

1. Denture Teeth

Can dentures be reshaped? Sure – If you hate how your denture teeth look or feel, we can reshape them for you either with a denture adjustment or by replacing your denture teeth. A denture adjustment handles minor shape changes, but a denture needs new teeth to completely update tooth shape. People usually start thinking about changing their denture teeth when they notice the teeth getting flatter and shorter. Changing worn out teeth can be a major game changer when wearing dentures. To find out if your denture is eligible to have the teeth replaced, bring it to your consultation and talk to your dentist.

denture adjustment
A Denture Adjustment

2. Denture Lining

The inside lining of your denture is supposed to fit comfortably and snugly against your gums and palate. Therefore, if your denture doesn’t feel as comfortably as it used to, if it’s getting loose or is causing sore spots, it might be time to reline your dentures. A reline reshapes your denture’s inside lining and rematches it to your gum tissue. We carefully remove the old lining and then replace it with a new one that is precisely fitted to your mouth.

So again, can poorly fitting dentures be reshaped? Yes, they can! Talk to your dentist to find out if you’re a good candidate for a reline.

hard denture reline soft reline denture reline kit

Wondering if you can boil your denture to change its shape? Check out this Mayo Clinic article on denture care. Boiling water will change your denture shape… for the worse. Hot or boiling water warps dentures.

3. Denture Gums

We reshape denture gums two ways. First of all, by performing a denture adjustment, we adjust the shape of the denture and refinish it. Second by replacing the pink denture base, we give it an entirely new set of gums. As with reshaping denture teeth, denture adjustments take care of minor adjustments while rebasing a denture takes care of more major changes. Talk to your dentist to find out if either of these reshaping procedures are right for you.

If you have brand new dentures and you hate them, check out our blog for tips.

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