Can I Get a Partial Denture for One Tooth?

Sep 20, 2022 | Partial Dentures

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Why choose a partial denture for one tooth?

Partial dentures for one tooth are very popular for the healing phase right after an extraction. We call these one tooth temporary partials “flippers.” Flippers are made from flexible material and fill the hole in your smile while you wait for the area to heal. They are primarily a cosmetic treatment. The most memorable one that we’ve made was for a sweet lady who lost her front tooth in an accident the week before her son’s wedding. She was so happy to be able to smile normally for pictures. No one could tell that she’d lost her tooth!

Missing Single Tooth
Before Front Teeth Partial Denture

Do you make permanent partial dentures for one tooth?

Permanent one tooth partials are more rare. Why? Because it is usually more cost effective for a patient with just one missing tooth to choose an implant or a bridge. When replacing several missing teeth, partials are always the less expensive option. But when it comes to a single tooth, other options are typically better for the same or less money. That’s not to say that we’ve never made a permanent partial denture for one tooth. Occasionally we will meet a patient who really needs exactly that. Deciding to make one depends on a patient’s specific needs since they’re more of an exception when replacing one missing tooth.

Why do some people need flippers and others fill the hole other ways?

Partial dentures for one tooth are most often used in the healing phase between a tooth extraction and implant placement. If some people get their implant on the extraction date, so why do other people need a flipper?

Some people’s mouths need a longer healing period after an extraction. If the tooth had to surgically removed and took bone with it, your dentist probably won’t want to put an implant right away. If someone has deep infection, the dentist won’t want to put an implant at risk by putting it right in that infected spot. When there isn’t enough bone for an implant, a bone graft has to be done first and allowed to heal. A flipper holds the spot open and keeps your smile looking good while your mouth and bone heal. It can be a key part of insuring great results long term!

Missing teeth
A Single Missing Front Tooth Can Be Replaced with a Flipper until Things are Ready for an Implant

If you have a single missing tooth and need something to fill that spot, a flipper is quick to make and looks great. To find out if a partial denture with one tooth is right for you, come talk to Dr. Bec at a free consultation. Schedule today by calling or clicking the ONLINE BOOKING button at the top of this page!

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