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CEREC Same Day Crowns

Are Same Day Crowns Better Than Traditional Lab-Made Crowns?

Are Same Day Porcelain Crowns Better than Traditional Laboratory Made Crowns?

Let’s face it, who enjoys having to get a temporary plastic crown and then return to the dental office 3 weeks later?

Finally, you NO longer need to! Our Technology-Based Approach to Treating your Teeth allows you to receive dental crowns treatment in a single visit! In one single appointment, we clean your tooth and remove any old filling and decay (caries) and prepare it for a new look (like a new crown). Using the latest technology for digital impressions, we scan your teeth and digitally design your new crown, which gets milled by our in-office Milling CAD-CAM machine. After a short staining and glazing process, the tooth crown is ready to be bonded with permanent cement.

Same day crowns save you time off of work by saving you from making several trips to the dentist. Same day crowns are lab quality without the hassle. This amazing technology gives you the best of both worlds: the most advanced precision dentistry in just one visit.

Using the Most Advanced Technology to Provide Same Day Crowns to Every Patient

Nearly everyone will need a crown at some point because they are used to fix so many dental problems. Crowns are not only used to repair large cavities, failing large fillings and cracked teeth, but they are also used to make teeth more beautiful by changing tooth shape, size or color. Crowns also put the functional tooth on every one-tooth implant restoration. Crowns are very practical restorations, but they’re not very practical for patients’ schedules because they typically require at least two dental visits to complete. Fortunately, thanks to advancements in dental scanning, design and milling, two weeks can be shortened to two hours. Same day crowns also make the temporary crown completely unnecessary.  

Just a few years ago, same day crown technology would have seemed like something from a sci-fi movie: bite-size tooth scanners, 3D design software and 5 axis milling machines that can mill zirconia, ceramic or any other material. Many offices use Cerec brand milling machines; however, these machines are limited in the types of materials they can mill. Our milling machine is professional dental lab grade technology and can mill anything. This greatly enhances our ability to customize every restoration for every patient. 

Digital scanning and Cad-Cam technology aren’t just efficient, they also eliminate potential sources of error in the crown process by eliminating the possibility of impression distortion and air bubbles, both of which are a risk that comes with traditional crown methods. The benefits of digital crown technology are even greater for multi-tooth crown cases because the dentist can manipulate the tooth design on the computer screen and examine it in even closer detail than the old lab methods. 

Wondering how we make same day crowns? After taking a scan of your teeth, we digitally design your tooth in a 3D dental lab software called Exocad. These images are able to design with precision of fractions of millimeters. We create your tooth and custom design every angle and curve so that it looks natural and like your teeth should look. This 3D tooth design then gets sent to our milling machine which mills the crown in minutes. With design and milling precision of fractions of millimeters, same day crowns save those extra appointments that can occur to get the fit just right when using a traditional dental lab. 

Advantages of Same Day Crowns

Same day crowns create a beautiful, long lasting result. These precision crowns are strong and look great. Since you’ll have dental visits, you can use your day off for fun instead of dental visits. Same day crowns also use digital impressions which means that you can skip the gaggy, gooey impressions! Finally, same day crowns don’t need a temporary crown. This allows you to avoid the discomfort and risks that come with the temporary phase.

Disadvantages of Same Day Crowns

Same day Cerec crowns are extremely convenient, but not every tooth is a good candidate. Some teeth require additional time for custom staining or for specialized materials. Other disadvantages include the fact that you no longer have an excuse to take two days off work and play golf after you leave the dentist.

Why Do Dentists Recommend Same Day Crowns over Traditional Lab-Made Crowns?

Same day crowns give you a new tooth in one day. A few hours are all it takes and you are feeling, chewing, talking and smiling like new! Bypassing the temporary phase eliminates a number of potential crown complications that occur with traditional crowns. No temporary crown means no temporary cement residue interfering with your new permanent crown on a microscopic level. Temporary crowns also occasionally contribute to the formation of a second cavity before the permanent crown can be cemented. If the temporary falls off or even just gets loose, it exposes the tooth underneath to food and bacteria and can start a micro-cavity that will jeopardize your new crown.

How Much Do Same Day Crowns Cost?

Fees for Same Day Crowns as well as other types of crowns is a complex issue. All crown fees are listed on a separate page dedicated to explaining the cost of dental crowns.

By partnering with top lenders we offer financial options for almost every budget.