Denture Reline Kit Review

Sep 19, 2022 | Implant Dentures

Snap-On Implant Denture

Denture reline kits are inexpensive and seem like a good alternative to a professional reline. Do they work?

Denture reline kits provide a temporary soft liner for the inside of a denture. However, this liner is not well bonded to the denture and will peel up easily. These at home kits provide temporary comfort. If you can’t get to your dentist right away and need some relief from a sore spot, this can provide a few days relief. Only a professional reline can actually remove the old denture lining and replace it with a permanent new one. To learn more about professional denture relines, click HERE. For a link to the product we used in this review, click HERE.

Would you like to see how a DIY Kit compares to a professional one? Check out the video below.

Not sure if a Denture Reline is what you need?

If you’re considering trying an at home denture reline kit, that means that something about the way your denture fits is bothering you. There are a number of things that can throw off denture fit. The most common reasons we hear denture wearers complaining are dentures being loose and hard to eat with and dentures causing sores on the gums. Check out one of these pages to learn more about the things that make dentures uncomfortable and what you can do about it.

Denture and Partial Repair

If you are looking for a high quality professional denture reline, schedule your appointment today. Because we take denture fit very seriously, we being any type of denture service with a free consultation. Just like with natural teeth, many different issues can cause the same symptom and we want to be sure that we offer you the correct service that will fix your problem. This requires examining the denture and asking you a few questions about your wearing experience. Some dentists have people simply drop off dentures for relines. They assume a reline will fix the problem. That’s fine so long as a reline does fix the problem. If it won’t, wouldn’t you like to know that beforehand so that you don’t waste your money. Schedule your consultation today by calling or by clicking the ONLINE BOOKING button at the top of this page.



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