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Oct 5, 2022 | Digital Dentures

Snap-On Implant Denture

See our patients smiles transform with dentures before and after brings so much satisfaction. Check out our patient’s before and after photos and videos and you’ll have an easy time seeing why we love it so much. You’ll see people who were embarrassed to smile smiling broadly and full of life. You’ll see people who said they only chewed with bottom teeth or their front tooth talking about how much they love to eat now. High quality dentures change people’s lives!

What do patients say about their experience? Watch these videos to hear for yourself

Before and After Dentures Smile Gallery

What is the transition to dentures like?

If you watched our patient’s videos, then you know that getting complete dentures brings a lot of relief and joy. All of our patients wish they had done it sooner. People don’t realize how much broken and missing teeth hurt them until they’re gone. Being able to smile again, to eat again and to take pictures with family – those things can change your life!

Getting Used To Dentures During Healing

Dentures also require some getting used to. The first few weeks bring the healing phase and everyone’s healing is unique. For some people, swelling goes down quickly, for others it stays longer. Some people have pain after extractions and others have no pain. Some people bleed more, others hardly at all. We walk through the process with each patient and do our best to let each one know what to expect based on the medical aspects we can observe prior to treatment.

Getting Used to Dentures Long Term

The more long term adjustments happen because a set of dentures aren’t natural upper teeth and bottom teeth that stay put in your mouth. Teeth are anchored to bone, but dentures aren’t. They move when you talk and eat and it takes a little while to get the hang of them. When people really don’t like the fact that their teeth move, they add implants to hold the upper and lower dentures in place and stop the movement.

Dentures may not stay put all the time, but our patients are always so relieved to get rid of the ugly, painful, remaining teeth and be able to smile again. You don’t realize how much broken, yucky front teeth are holding you back until they’re gone!

Curious about how we make digital dentures? Read more on our Digital Dentures page.

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