Where Can I Find Dentures Under $400 Near Me?

Nov 16, 2022 | Digital Dentures

Lots of people search for “dentures under $400 near me.” Some of them can’t afford to spend more than that and desperately need teeth. Others simply don’t want to spend more than they have to and figure that a denture is a denture – why spend more?

What to Expect from Dentures under $400?

Expect a quickly made pink and white device that looks like teeth. Cheap dentures typically don’t fit comfortably or stay in place well because they’re made in a hurry from cheap materials. Am I a hater to say this? No – I’m just being realistic. I make dozens of affordable dentures every year and understand the process very well. The cheap dentures under $400 near me are no good. I wouldn’t give one to my mother or even my grumpy great-uncle.

Denture and Partial Repair

Isn’t a Denture a Denture?

No. The biggest difference between a good denture and a bad one is the fit. Poorly made full dentures cause sores on your gums and move around in your mouth when you talk. Bad quality dentures can be anywhere from difficult to impossible to chew with. Why so bad? A bad denture has design flaws.

But Some Clinics Make Dentures Under $400 Near Me! How do they do it?

How do the cheap dentures clinics do it? They cut corners in the process. Let me explain.

First let’s talk about the normal affordable denture making process

Normal full dentures cost anywhere from $2,000 to $7,000 a piece in San Antonio where I practice. Creating a denture for a patient is a complex process that involves several steps to design the denture followed by multiple follow-up visits to perfect the fit. The overhead of the “chair time” as we call it in dentistry is very high compared to other kinds of dentistry. The second major part of making a denture involves the design and lab work. Good labs that make natural looking, good quality dentures charge from $1,000 up for just the making of the denture. When a dentist makes a denture the right way, it costs him several thousand dollars to give you your denture.

Now let’s look at the $400 process.

In order to get a low cost denture for under $400, the clinic has to figure out a way to cut your chair time to the bare minimum or worse. They can do this by rushing through the steps with assistants doing most of the actual design work instead of the dentist. Then they minimize or skip the follow-up adjustments.

Minimizing follow-ups creates a denture fit nightmare. No denture ever fits perfectly on day one. Dentists design it to fit your mouth shape and size. However, it requires several post-delivery visits to fit the denture to the way your mouth actually moves. Since these clinics need to minimize dental care follow-ups, they can’t afford to custom fit your teeth to your mouth movement after you get them. If the denture doesn’t work perfectly on day one (and it won’t), you’ll either be stuck with it or you’ll have to pay per visit multiple times for follow-up adjustments.

Finally, the labs that make a denture for $100 are either overseas in a sweat shop or using really cheap materials. Regular quality materials cost way too much to be able to make a good denture for $100. There is no way to make a natural looking, well-fitting low cost denture under $400 near me!

But I Can’t Afford More Than $400

Coming from an immigrant family, I know what it is to live on a limited budget. Sometimes there just isn’t any more money. I get it. Here’s the thing I learned growing up: when money is tight, the last thing you can afford to do is waste it on something that doesn’t work. If you decide to go forward with a $400 denture and then find that you can’t chew with it, it is a useless waste of money. You will still need teeth but you’ll have $400 less than when you started.

I advise patients who have limited budgets to save up and then go to the dental school where they’ll know they’re getting quality dental services with good dentists overseeing the process. There are also multiple companies who will finance dental services. Consider a payment plan with one of these companies so that you can get the dental care you need and false teeth that work and fit well.

Would you like to see what our patients have to say? Then check out the videos below.

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