Do Dentures Hurt?

Nov 19, 2022 | Digital Dentures

Some Dentures Are Comfortable, Some Are Not

6 Tips to Keep Your Denture from Hurting

Every denture could hurt. Follow these 6 tips to help keep your denture pain-free!

Tip #1: Make Sure Your Dentures Fit Well

Dentures that fit well don’t hurt. Getting dentures that fit well is a process that starts when your dentures are being made. If you want make sure your dentures don’t hurt, make sure that they get made well by a dentist who specializes in making quality dentures. Denture fit is all about the details: matching your mouth and your muscles exactly insures a denture that is as stable and as comfortable as possible. Poorly fitting full dentures hurt. To avoid denture pain, be sure your denture is designed like it should be.

Tip #2: Proper Denture Care Helps Prevent Pain

Denture sores are the number one cause of denture pain. The most common sore spots are like blisters that form when the denture rubs the gums too hard. They go away with a denture adjustment. Another common type of sore spots forms because of a yeast infection in the mouth. Want to prevent yeast problems? Proper denture care is the answer. Watch our video below to learn more about how to clean your dentures and care for them!

Tip #3: Yearly Denture Maintenance Keeps Dentures from Hurting

Many people get dentures and think they’ll never have to see a dentist again. Imagine their surprise when they wake up with denture problems and need a dentist’s help. These people don’t realize that dentures wear out faster and get more uncomfortable faster when they aren’t maintained as they should be. All of our denture patients follow a denture care & maintenance plan that helps them keep their dentures in top shape and top comfort. Yearly denture maintenance keeps dentures look great and helps prevent them from hurting.

Tip #4: Take Extra Care of Yourself Right after Extractions

Denture hurt most frequently right after extractions. Most often, the pain comes from the healing process and not directly from the dentures. However, pain is pain. Expect denture discomfort on and off as your mouth heals and you get used to your dentures. Expect to experience soreness in the period right after you have your natural teeth extracted. Get help with First time denture wearer problems by communicating clearly with your dentist about your symptoms. Don’t be afraid to speak up and ask questions and ask for help.

Tip #5: Worn Out Dentures Cause Pain

When we meet someone complaining about a denture that hurts, we know they probably have either a brand new healing denture OR an old, worn out denture. When a dentures gets worn out, it stops fitting and chewing well. At this point, wearing your dentures causes frustration and pain. Watch the video below to find out the 5 signs you may need a replacement denture.

Tip #6: Imbalanced Dentures Hurt

When we talk about dentures hurting, we usually talk about denture sores or healing pain. However, dentures cause a third kind of pain: jaw pain. If a denture’s bite is imbalanced, it puts stress on the jaw joint. Over time this jaw stress shows up as many things including jaw pain, headaches, and aching or bulging facial muscles. If you experience any of these symptoms, go see a dentist right away! Jaw problems from dentures can eventually cause your mouth to get stuck open or shut and can also cause intense pain. If you suspect that your denture is impacting your jaw, you want to get it balanced right away!

Still wondering about denture comfort? Check out this blog talking about the things that make a denture uncomfortable and how to avoid them.

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