Do Digital Dentures Fit Better?

Sep 21, 2022 | Digital Dentures

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Can we hear a “Yes!” and “Amen!”

Digital dentures fit better because they are made with a new process that avoids shrinkage.

If you’ve ever had a regular denture made, then you know…making dentures the regular way involves a long, messy process. This process uses models of your mouth and gooey, messy wax to create a model denture. When you and your dentist decide that the wax model fits well, it gets sent to a dental lab. This introduces the first big difference between old and new denture technology. Old fashioned dentures are designed and fabricated in two DIFFERENT places.

At the lab, the wax model gets made into a permanent acrylic denture. That wax-to-acrylic conversion is another key difference between old fashioned dentures and digital ones. It is also what makes regular dentures inferior to digital dentures. Why? In the wax-to-acrylic transition, the denture shrinks a bit. That shrinkage messes with the way the denture fits a patient’s mouth.

Not surprisingly, the digital dentures process doesn’t involve any wax-to-acrylic conversion. In fact, a digital denture technology uses 3D printed models to design your denture and perfect your fit. At the end of each step, the finished model gets scanned into the computer. When the computer aided design is ready, the finished models get sent to the milling or printing machine to be made in EXACTLY that finished form. Neither 3D printed dentures or milled ones involve melting wax or heating acrylic. This means that the denture you designed with your dentist is the denture you receive. This is the only way to create an absolutely precise fitting dentures.

Would you like to see how we make a digital denture? Then check out the video below.

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