How Do Dentures Work?

Nov 19, 2022 | Digital Dentures

How can dentures replace teeth: chewing, smiling and talking…?

Dentures are false teeth that sit on top of your gums…but how do dentures work? One word: Suction.

How Do Dentures Work?

We already said that they work by suction. Are you wondering how do dentures work by suction? Suction comes from how precisely the inside of your dentures is molded to your mouth. When we make dentures, a key part of the process is carefully fitting the inside of the denture to your gums and palate. The best suction comes from having a very accurate match of denture to gums. A great denture fit is key to making a denture that works.

Upper Dentures Work Differently Than Lower Dentures

The upper type of dentures cover the gums and jaw and ALSO the roof of your mouth. This extra wide coverage gives upper dentures stronger suction and much better staying power. Not only that, but the amount of arch in the roof of your mouth affects how well the denture works. The more arched your palate is, the better the suction. In contrast, a flat palate makes it harder for the denture to work. When you remove your complete dentures, the upper denture should not come out easily.

Upper denture

Lower Dentures Usually Work Less Ideally

Bottom dentures have less to hang on to than upper dentures. They don’t have the extra coverage of a palate and are left with just gums and the jaw. This means dentures fitted to the lower jaw are always looser and more mobile. So how do lower dentures work? Lower dentures get increased stability the longer they extend down along the gums toward the floor of the mouth. They also stay better when they extend back up the jaw bone to the back of the mouth. However, both of these ways of adding to a lower denture depend on the shape and size of a persons mouth and jaw. For tips on keeping your lower teeth in place, check out this blog.

lower denture problems and solutions

How Can You Make Dentures Work Better?

Are you wondering how do dentures work better? A full set of dentures works better when they stay in place better. Keeping a denture in place sometimes requires adhesive. Since the strength of the denture suction depends on how well the denture matches your mouth, relining a denture can improve how well it works. After your teeth are removed, your jaws begin losing bone and this eventually makes it very difficult to get a good fitting denture on the lower. When a lower denture can’t be fitted any better, adding dental implants and converting it into an implant supported denture will hold it in place and make it work. Finally, good oral hygiene is a must if you want to keep your teeth and gum tissues looking and feeling good long term! Good oral health is key to comfortable complete dentures.

What if dentures get stuck? How do you get them out? Check out this blog for the answer!

Wondering How You Can Know When You Need to Get Dentures?

How do you know when it’s the right time? Check out this blog and get our top 3 signs that it’s time for dentures.

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