How to Fix a Broken Denture Tooth

Oct 12, 2022 | Digital Dentures

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how to fix a broken denture tooth

Why do they always seem to break or fall out at the worst times? Find out how to fix one even if you’re out of town!

Need to know how to fix a broken denture tooth? Denture teeth take a lot of abuse and they like to return the favor by falling out or breaking at the worst times. In fact, fixing broken and lost false teeth is the second most common type of Denture Repair we see in our denture care center. The upper front false teeth pop off or chip the most frequently, while back teeth are most likely to break. You’ll find the fixing instructions below!


Obviously, bringing the denture and tooth to our clinic as soon as the tooth breaks off would be ideal. However, that’s not always possible. People need to know how to fix a broken denture tooth until they can come in for a long term fix.

If a tooth has fallen out and you still have it, follow the steps below:

  1. Clean the denture and tooth thoroughly with water and let the parts dry completely
  2. Apply a small amount of super glue on the denture pink base where the tooth fits
  3. Carefully & Quickly place the tooth back in its place. Confirm it did not move as you took the finger off.
  4. Once set, clean the excess super glue. Yes, you will taste some of the chemical taste…
  5. Avoid chewing with that tooth.

If you prefer to use a drug store over-the-counter repair kit, I recommend this kit found at CVS stores. I do not recommend it for repairing broken denture bases though.

If a tooth has chipped or broken, follow these steps:

  1. Clean the denture and tooth thoroughly with water and let the parts dry completely
  2. Use a new fingernail file to gently polish off rough edges
  3. Come see us for a new tooth when you can

For a more permanent long term solution, I recommend you have the tooth professionally bonded back to the denture base at a denture care center as soon as it is possible.

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