I Want All My Teeth Removed and Replaced with Dentures

Nov 19, 2022 | Digital Dentures

If you’ve been dealing with bad and broken teeth for a while, it’s normal to reach the place where you feel like “I want all my teeth removed and replaced with dentures.” But it can be hard to know where to start! It’s a big step and people tend to get intimidated. Use our guide below to navigate the denture journey and get your best denture experience possible. Our guide can help you no matter your budget or your location. You don’t need to be in Texas for these tips to help you get your best teeth replacement options and experience.

Follow these steps to guarantee your best denture experience:

1. Everyone Skips this Step & Suffers for it!!!

Figure out what kind of denture you want BEFORE you look for a dentist. For most people, when they get to the place that they’re thinking “I want all my teeth removed and replaced with dentures” they’re more focused on cost and finding a clinic than choosing what type of denture they want. This is a huge mistake. There are many types of dentures. Each one has its own price, comfort, quality and cosmetics. Decide what matters most to you in a denture before you choose your dentist. Skipping this step leads to disappointment and frustration. Read our blog on where to get dentures to learn more about the types of dentures and where to find them!

2. Pick Your Type Dentist & Then Find The Best One!

Did you pick your denture type? Once you know the quality level and price point, you’ll know which type of dental clinic to look for. Looking for the cheapest denture and don’t care about quality? Find a national discount denture chain. Looking for something in-network with your insurance and you don’t care if it looks the best or not? Pick a corporate in-network office. Want a predictable quality and a dentist who helps you through the healing process? Find a private practice that isn’t in-network with every insurance. Is getting a beautiful, lifelike denture that fits as comfortably as possible important to you? Find a private practice that does digital dentures.

Once you’ve chosen your type of dentist, read reviews to pick the best ones and then call around and interview their offices. Don’t just say “I want all my teeth removed and replaced with dentures.” Use the questions below to help you find the best dentist of any type:

  • How many dentures does your dentist do per month?
  • How long has this dentist been out of school?
  • How long has this dentist worked for you?
  • How frequently does this dentist do full mouth tooth extractions?
  • Does this dentist offer sedation with their dental care services?
  • Does this dentist make digital dentures?
  • Does this dentist have advanced training in dentures?
  • Does this dentist accept a lot of different insurances?
  • Do your denture prices include denture adjustments and relines or just the denture?

If you’re potentially interested in getting an implant supported snap-in denture, also ask:

  • Does this dentist have advanced training in dental implants?
  • Does this dentist make implant supported dentures as well as traditional dentures?

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3. Go Interview Your Dentist

What not to do: Almost everyone who calls our office, DOESN’T ask the important questions listed above, but DOES try to get a price over the phone and then schedule treatment right away if the price matches what they’re looking for. Please don’t do this – Not ever. It is a guaranteed way to end up with frustration and disappointments in your denture experience. It’s also a great way to get ripped off!!!

So what should you do? Call around and ask the questions we recommended. When you find an office that gives you enough positive answers, schedule a consultation and go meet the dentist in person. Be sure that the dentist doing your consultation is the same one who will be doing your treatment. You need to know who is going to be working in your mouth. Some dentists are total weirdos. Others don’t care about people at all and just want a paycheck. You can pick up on these things talking to a person and that’s one reason a consultation is so important.


4. Plan & Schedule How You’ll Get All Your Teeth Removed and Replaced with Dentures

At your next appointment, you’ll be helping your dentist plan your extractions and same day denture. Ask every question you can think of. You play a vital role in the success of your treatment. Only you know what you’re thinking and feeling. Ask questions. Clarify confusion. Bring up concerns. If a dentist doesn’t have time for your questions and concerns, he is in too much of a hurry and you will wake up with unpleasant surprises from his lack of planning.

Warning: If a dentist is willing to schedule your treatment without really talking to you about the details of it, they probably aren’t thinking through the details of it. One way to cut down on overhead is to wing it when it comes to treatment. We talk to our patients about all their options before making a plan. Once we have a plan, we walk through what to expect, risks and things to watch out for.

Ask a dentist

5. See Your Denture Get Designed

This happens over one or more appointments that involve impressions and scanning. If you have a picture of your smile when you loved it, bring that to guide the denture design.

Do Dentures Hurt? Check out this blog to get the answer.

Pictures of Our Digital Denture Design Process

6. Schedule Your Surgery Appointment

7. Make “I want all my teeth removed and replaced with dentures” Reality!

Finally the day has arrived. You’ve been telling yourself “I want to get all my teeth removed and replaced with dentures” and it’s finally time to get your new smile. Plan on taking the day off from work to rest and plan on plenty of soups and soft foods for the first few days as you heal. If you’re getting sedation during your surgery, be sure to have a friend or family member with you to drive you home. You can check out our post-op instructions for our patients here. Be sure to follow your doctor’s post-op instructions for the best oral health results!

8. Be Patient During Healing

Healing takes most patients 3-6 months. After extractions, your mouth will change shape as it heals. Expect to need a series of adjustments and soft comfort relines to keep your denture comfortable and fitting well. It can take couple of weeks for your facial muscles to get used to working with your new teeth. When you are choosing which type of denture to get and which dentist to use, always ask if the price includes denture adjustments and relines during the healing period. Many cheaper offices charge these separately and the cost catches new denture wearers by surprise.

Are you wondering if dentures are uncomfortable? Check out this blog to learn more about we see and hear from our patients.

9. Start Smiling!

Getting your teeth pulled and dentures is a process. However, every single one of our patients who has traded bad and missing teeth for a beautiful denture has experienced relief and joy at having a gorgeous smile again. What starts as “I want all my teeth removed and replaced with dentures!” can end better than you ever expected. Don’t take our word for it – watch our patients’ reviews and see for yourself!

If you need your teeth pulled and dentures, the next step is easy and fast – come to a free consultation! Schedule yours today. Call right now! (210) 691-1211.

See what our patients have to say about their experiences!

Find out more about how to find the right denture dentist for you on our blog.

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