Lower Denture Problems and Solutions

Nov 19, 2022 | Digital Dentures

lower denture problems and solutions

Let’s discuss the most common lower denture problems and solutions!

Problem #1: My Lower Denture Moves Too Much

Bottom dentures move more than upper ones because they don’t have much to hang onto. An upper denture forms a suction seal onto the roof of your mouth, but a lower denture doesn’t get that kind of help. All a lower denture has is the gums and bony jaw ridge. They can get a little extra help by extending low along the gums, but that can get uncomfortable. (More about that later) When lower teeth don’t have enough to hang onto, how do we help bottom dentures to stay in place?

4 Solutions to hold a lower denture in place.

Solution 1: The Cheapest Option

The least expensive solution to start with is denture adhesive. Sure, it can be messy; however, it does increase the “stickiness” of a denture and help hold it in place. Adhesive can’t fix the fact that a bottom denture only has gums to hang onto, but it does add extra grip.

For tips on how to keep your teeth in without denture adhesive, check out this blog.

Applying denture adhesive glue cream

Solution 2: Fix the Fit with a Reline

Sometimes a lower denture is extra loose because it is too large on the inside. This happens to everyone after a while because of bone loss. If you feel your lower denture moving more than it was when you got it, then a reline can probably help tighten the fit back up.

Solution 3: Get a Better Fitting Denture

This will seem extreme to some people; however, a replacement denture is the only solution when a lower denture is way too big or when the denture was made incorrectly and doesn’t cover as much of the gums as it could and should. We call this inadequate denture border length. Many dental labs save materials and design time by skimping on how much of the gums the denture covers. They don’t extend the denture as low along the cheeks and tongue as they should and they don’t extend it as far back along the bony jaw ridge as they should. Unfortunately, if you bring me a denture like that, I cannot make it fit better unless I re-make it correctly.

It’s really a shame that this happens because, as a patient with no dental expertise, you have no way of knowing when your denture is being made poorly. This happen most frequently when people pick the cheapest dentist to make their denture. You just know that you found a denture for a good price. If you’re wondering if this is problem with your denture, come see me for a free consultation. We can figure out your lower denture problems and solutions!

Solution 4: Add Dental Implants

Lower dentures are notorious for moving around. The only way to absolutely hold them in place is to add denture implants. Convert your denture into a snap-in denture with dental implants and you’ll be good to go.

Problem #2: My Lower Denture Moves Most When I Talk

If your lower denture fits just fine normally, but starts to get pushed out of place by your cheek muscles when you talk, then your denture might be too long or tall.

Solution #2: The Denture Edge Might Need Adjusting So It Doesn’t Go Too Low

Too fix problems with denture edge design, we first do a careful evaluation of how your denture works in your mouth. How do your muscles move and where does your denture currently sit on those muscles. Then we adjust the design and depth of the denture edges so that your muscles can’t push the denture up and off your gums when you talk. Lower denture problems and solutions don’t have to be complex or expensive, but they do require attention to detail because every single patient’s mouth is different!


Problem #3: My Lower Denture Can’t Chew

When a denture fits fine until you chew, you have one of two problems. Either your denture’s bite is imbalanced or it needs implants.

Solution #3: Bite Adjustment or Implants?

If your teeth come together in an imbalanced bite, they will constantly be unseating your dentures when you chew. Balancing your bite can be done by adjusting the teeth or by re-setting them in the denture. The method depends on how imbalanced they are.

Implant Dentures Schedule Your Treatment

If your bite is fine but the denture still pops out when you chew, you may simply lack the suction to chew without implants. Adding denture implants will hold your denture in place and let you chew well again! Wondering how much adding implants typically costs? Check our our blog on snap in denture cost!

Problem #4: My lower denture hurts down along the edge

Solution #4: Denture Adjustment

If your denture is too long, it puts extra pressure on the soft sensitive areas of your mouth at the base of your tongue and cheeks. This can create painful denture sores! To fix this, you’ll want to get the denture’s edge adjusted so that it doesn’t push so hard on those sensitive areas.

If you need help with your lower denture, we can help! We help hundreds of people solve their lower denture problems every year. The first step is easy and fast – come to a free consultation! Schedule yours today!

See what our patients have to say about their experiences!

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