Insurance and Payments

San Antonio Dental Office

Do you accept my insurance?

The short answer is yes! Yes, we take all PPO insurances.

If you have a regular PPO dental insurance plan, you can see any dentist. This includes ?in network? dentists who are contracted to provide discounted dentistry for discounted rates, as well as ?out of network? dentists who provide regular dentistry at regular rates. We are happy to accept all PPO insurances and handle the hassle of claims billing as well. If you have questions about your insurance, please feel free to ask our insurance specialist.

A small number of patients have dental HMO plans, which require them to see a particular doctor. If this is your situation, then only the doctor assigned to you will be able to bill your insurance on your behalf. We would love to see you as a patient. However, in our office, you would be considered a cash patient since we would not be able to bill your insurance.

Some patients want to know if we take Medicaid or CHIP dental insurance plans. No, we don?t. These plans are like HMO Plans; you have to see the dentist assigned to you.

Other patients have Medicare and Medicare Related Dental Insurance plans. We frequently get asked if we take their insurance. The safe answer is no, although we always check with the insurance company to confirm there are no benefits available for the patient. Some or most of these plans are also like HMO plans and require that you see a specific insurance-assigned dentist.


New Patient Forms

Hello! We can’t wait to meet you!

Yes, forms are the tedious part of becoming a patient. We know there are a lot of blanks to fill in and boxes to check when you’re only getting your teeth taken care of, but this information is actually a really, really important part of helping us take good care of you.

It may not make sense right now why we need to know all your meds or the fact that you have asthma, but, please believe us, we don’t want you to figure out the hard way why we need that information! We are required to have these papers before we can offer any diagnoses or treatment.

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