Dental Implants & New Front Teeth Crowns

Replacing Front Teeth with Dental Implants and Crowns: Before and After Photos

This patient lost one of her front teeth. She also needed a crown on the neighboring tooth. She was thrilled with the final results which looked absolutely natural like she wanted. Notice that the gums are even on both teeth: the implant tooth and the natural tooth. Achieving this even gum level is essential when replacing front teeth with dental implants. It is also very technique sensitive.

Replacing Front Teeth with Dental Implants

Technique Sensitive. Technologically Advanced.


Replacing front teeth with dental implants? It probably won’t surprise you to hear that working on front teeth is one of the most demanding jobs for a cosmetic dentist. And it only gets more complex when the teeth go bad and have to be replaced with a dental implants.


Why so complex? Because the front teeth are the centerpiece of your smile. Front teeth also require special treatment to keep the thinner gums and bone happy and healthy. If the implants aren’t planned correctly, the gums will pull back from the implant and leave the metal showing. Not pretty.


How do you make sure it turns out? The best results come from dentists with lots of experience, with the best technology, and who devote time to carefully planning each patient’s case individually from the CT Scan. Dr. Bec does each surgery digitally at least once before ever touching a patient’s mouth. That’s the kind of planning and preparation that make a difference. That’s truly Precision Cosmetic Dentistry.