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Ida came to us because she wanted to smile again. Working for a school, Ida is constantly greeting college students and talking to secretaries throughout the day. She used to cover her mouth and avoid talking to people because of her teeth. Her smile makeover started with extractions of remaining upper teeth, placement of 4 implants, and completed with the delivery of an upper OverDenture. The end result? A beautiful smile that she will never hide again. As Ida shares, she wishes she would have done this treatment sooner because it changed her life completely. She’s now more confident and always showing off her new teeth.

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Glendora was tired of not being able to look in the mirror, speak in front of groups, smile genuinely, and eat normally. As she mentions, she had previously seen other providers with unsatisfactory results. It’s heartbreaking to hear how much damage an unskilled dentist’s work can do to a person’s life. Thankfully, after a lot of research, Glendora found our office! As Glendora gratefully mentions, Dr. Bec changed everything! Her treatment consisted of extractions, followed by implant placements, completed with delivery of upper and lower overdentures. The end result? A BEAUTIFUL smile that looks natural! Glendora’s testimonial is proof that implant dentures changed her quality of life… she’s “more outgoing and confident.” 

Digital Dentures: Making your dream smile “Push Button” easy! Janice’s dream was to be able to smile and eat again. Becuase of some health issues, she couldn’t take care of her teeth anymore and was desperate to find a solution that would make her life easier. Digital dentures exceeded her expectations. Digital Dentures gave Janice a functional & aesthetic restoration. More than that, she doesn’t have to treat the denture as though it’s fragile because it’s resilient and reproducible. If the denture ever gets lost or broken, we can just 3D print them with a push of a button! Digitalization creates advantages that patients love: a predictable fit (no shrinkage), easily updatable, FAST (can be made in one day!), and a larger variety of materials to fit patient’s needs, esthetics, and budget.

Anne presented to our office several years ago with multiple teeth missing. I began her treatment with extractions of the few remaining teeth and placement of 8 implants in the upper arch (maxilla). The restorative goal was to create a set of teeth fixed to her implants. Unfortunately, many of her implants failed to properly intergrate with her jaw bone and were removed over the next several months after her surgery. I ultimately completed her treatment with 3 well integrated dental implants and a traditional denture.
This is a case highlighting the challenges dentists and dental implant patients oftentimes run into unexpectedly. Being prepared to respond to challenging clinical situations and being able to change course proved to be key to the success of Anne’s treatment. Ultimately, Anne was very happy with the esthetic and function outcome of her treatment and she should do well for many years to come!
Divina had an accident when she was young, and her smile wasn’t the same after that. When she decided it was time for her to fix her smile, she brought her vision to us and we made it happen. Her treatment consisted of extracting the injured front tooth and replacing it with a dental implant tooth, restoring the adjacent tooth with a porcelain crown followed by Invisalign. In the end, Divina fell in love with her smile, and now she can “finally smile in pictures”.Patients such as Divina who experienced childhood dental trauma have various dental treatment options. It may as simple as bonding or as complicated as bone regeneration and tooth replacements.
Not everyone goes to the closest dentist. Though some do, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, once you find that connection with a service provider, be that a dentist, doctor or even car mechanic, we all drive out of our way to get what we want. George drives from Dallas to San Antonio twice a year. His wife and his son, too. I completed dental implant work in his mouth nearly a decade ago. During one of his last dental checkups, I asked him to speak to the camera about his experience as a patient in my practice. Here’s what he had to say…
Marivel presented to our office wanting to close the gaps in her teeth. After exploring some different options, veneers was the perfect solution for her smile. Marivel was afraid that getting veneers would mean her natural teeth would be shaved down a lot. Fortunately, Porcelain veneers require very minimal shaving of just the front of the tooth during preparation. Marivel’s smile was transformed with 4 veneers. She now has a beautiful, custom designed smile without much reduction of her natural teeth! As Marivel says, she is now showing off her smile to everyone and is much more confident.
Mr. James had been putting off going to the dentist because he still had one tooth that he was able to use to chew his food. After his daughter-in-law recommended our office to him, he came to see us about his options. As Mr. James states, his treatment was “well explained and well done.” We started with extracting all of his remaining teeth and delivered immediate dentures.
Mr. James’ digital dentures fit great and have a lifelike appearance. They give him an amazing smile and the ability to eat again.
We enjoy getting to know our patients and doing all we can to ensure they have a great experience every time they walk through our door. As Mr. James mentioned, he was “treated as a friend, not as a stranger or a customer.”

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