Pictures of Dentures That Look Real

Oct 26, 2022 | Digital Dentures

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In our opinion, EVERY denture should look real! No denture should ever look like a denture. Keep scrolling to see our patients’ pictures of dentures that look real. You’ll be amazed!


Check out these pictures of dentures that Look REAL!

We designed each one of these patient’s dentures to match the smile of their dreams. Everyone wants their smile to represent their unique personality. Some people ask for a Hollywood smile. Other people ask us to make their denture look like their smile when they were younger. Some people want “perfection.” And still other people ask us to add specific “imperfections” like spaces or turned teeth because they are signatures of their own natural smile. Whatever your dream smile looks like, your denture can be that smile. Getting the details right is KEY to creating complete dentures that look completely real.

It’s no wonder that Dr. Bec makes such gorgeous dentures because he’s one of the only cosmetic dentists in the nation with advanced digital denture training. He’s also on the editorial board of the international journal of 3D Printing in Dentistry and designs and produces every denture in his own state-of-the-art dental laboratory. Making a lifelike full denture requires incredible attention to detail, expertise, good denture technology and the best materials.

Maybe you’re thinking: “Oh, but my teeth are so bad. My dentures couldn’t possibly look so real”

Think again. Making full dentures that look real depends on the dentist’s skill and the quality of the dental laboratory, not your natural remaining teeth. Whether your teeth are broken, loose, stained or mostly missing, you can have a beautiful denture smile that looks absolutely natural. We’ve put a couple of examples below for you to see. Want to see more? You’ll find many more patient pictures in our before and after gallery. To us, it doesn’t matter how broken your teeth are. When you get your remaining teeth removed, you will have a denture that looks REAL.

How do dentures that look real make people feel?

Hint: They change people’s lives… but don’t take our word for it! Watch & see for yourself!

It’s one thing to see pictures of dentures that look real. However, it’s even better to hear from patients about how those dentures make them feel. In these videos you’ll hear from actual patients about their experiences getting dentures and how their new smiles make them feel. Deciding to get complete dentures is a big step. Would they do it again?

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