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What if you could have a new smile TODAY?

All of us have something we don’t like about our smiles. Dental bonding can give you a new smile in an afternoon. As an affordable alternative to veneers, cosmetic teeth bonding can quickly repair chips, decay or uneven teeth.

What is Cosmetic Teeth Bonding?

In dental bonding, misshapen teeth are trimmed and recontoured to ensure that each tooth is in line with its neighbors and has a balanced bite with the opposing teeth. The teeth are then overlaid with tooth-colored composite to create a brand new face to each tooth. Once the newly bonded teeth are polished up, the result is a brand new smile.

But Dental Bonding Doesn't Last Forever

No, it doesn’t. Very few health solutions last forever. Cosmetic teeth bonding is a short to mid-term cosmetic solution. The restorations don’t fail quickly, but they do absorb stain like regular teeth and can become permanently discolored if your diet contains a lot of highly pigmented or dark foods. The benefit of cosmetic teeth bonding is that it gives instant results and that is the least expensive way of remaking an entire smile. The downside to dental bonding is that it doesn’t last 10-15 years like veneers and crowns do. It’s all about what each patient needs and wants.

Dental Bonding Changes More Than Smiles: Meet Chris

I’ll never forget the day I met Chris. Smart, smart guy. Hard working. He’d been trying to get a job for months and nobody would hire him. His mom eventually realized that people were passing her son over because of his visibly decayed teeth. Not having a job meant that he needed an affordable solution and he needed it fast. Being scared of the dentist also meant that he needed something to make it easy. Over the course of two afternoons, with the help of dental sedation, Chris got a completely cosmetic teeth bonding treatment and a new shot at success. Those moments are why I’m a dentist.

In my experience, most people underestimate the impact that ugly teeth have on their success until they repeatedly hit a wall either in their love lives or in their careers. It’s sad that good people with great qualifications are held back by their appearance, but it’s real. One of the most satisfying parts of my job is being able to help these people turn their lives around.

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