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Silver Amalgam Filling Replacement

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Why Should I Replace My Silver Amalgam Fillings?

Although most people know that old silver fillings contain mercury, only dentists typically know these fillings’ two little-known, dark secrets. Over time, amalgam fillings darken teeth. Moreover, they also lead to fractures.

Replace Amalgam Fillings Darken Teeth

As this picture clearly shows, amalgam fillings darken teeth. Even so, people don’t usually realize how much the silver filling has darkened their teeth until they see a picture of their smile. Not only do these fillings show up as grayed or darkened areas on teeth, but they can also appear as shiny dark patches.

Replace Silver Amalgam Fillings
Replace Silver Amalgam Fillings

Replace Amalgam Fillings Can Fracture Teeth

Although amalgam fillings provide a long-lasting restoration, they sometimes also contribute to tooth fractures. In fact, these fillings are a mixture of metals that constantly expands and contracts when temperature changes in the mouth. As a result of this micro expansion and contraction over many years, the surrounding tooth structure weakens. Not surprisingly, a weakened tooth is more vulnerable to fracture.

Modern Restorations are Whiter and Healthier

By removing and replacing amalgam fillings, patients geta “double win.” Not only does a modern restoration brighten and correct tooth darkening, but it also stops the damaging expansion and contraction. 

Silver Amalgam Filling Replacement
Replace Silver Amalgam Fillings
Replace Silver Amalgam Fillings

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