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smile makeover: from ugly to awesome

What is a smile makeover? A smile makeover takes an ugly smile and transforms it into something beautiful that you can be proud of and feel good sharing with everyone around you. Why do a smile makeover? If your teeth are broken or chipped, decayed or badly stained, or just covered in darn ugly old crowns, a smile makeover gives you your smile back. Maybe an injury or past illness destroyed your smile. Have old fillings or crowns gotten stained and look nasty or fake? Did cavities take their toll? Whatever the cause, a smile makeover will give you a gorgeous new smile.Β Β 

Smile Makeovers Transform How you Smile & How you feel

before and after dentures

You not only look better.
You feel better too!

Feel better about your smile,
about yourself and about life!

When beauty matters, details matters

You want a gorgeous new smile that looks like YOUR smile, feels like YOUR teeth and lasts for many years. How do you make sure that’s what you get?

First and foremost, find a dentist who takes the time to talk to you and find out who you are, what you want and what you need. A good dentist spends more time examining your mouth and planning than he does drilling. A dentist in a hurry to drill is a bad thing. After all, drills don’t have erasers. Find someone who will design the case digitally, go through sample smile stages and who asks you LOTS of questions.Β 

Smile makeover are not only complex clinically, but they are also a major financial investment. Find a dentist who treats yours like the complex procedure it is and who respects your investment and health enough to plan carefully. If you have an exam today and are programmed for full mouth reconstruction tomorrow, the dentist isn’t taking your case seriously. Period.

When Smiling is a Team Sport: Meet Michael!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, Michael’s pictures are like a graphic novel. His smile makeover required the combined expertise of a team of doctors. A phenomenal local orthodontist started Michael’s smile makeover and asked me to join her multi-disciplinary team to help create Michael’s dream smile.Β 

Michael Before

Michael After

Dr. Amy Jackson took charge of putting the teeth in the right place and my job was to create his new teeth. It was awesome to see his smile develop as we went through the steps of whitening, prepping and crowns. For the final touch, we were joined by a gum specialist who helped with gum re-sculpting. As you can see in these pictures, Michael’s new smile looks stunning!

Michael Before

Michael After

When making smiles takes a team

The Team Approach to Smile Makeover is the best solution for any smile makeover that requires services beyond cosmetic or restorative dentistry. When that happens, it is critical to team up with additional specialists. Depending on the patient’s needs, the team may include various surgeons, such as a plastic surgeon if facial surgery is needed, or an oral surgeon if bone surgery is needed. Some cases, like Michael’s above, require complex adult orthodontic treatment, in which case we work with doctors such as Dr. Amy Jackson and Dr. Richard Hulme. When extensive grafts are needed, we include a periodontist, such as Dr. Steven Maller or Dr. Kenneth Krueger. Sometimes these specialists are part of our regular team at Precision Cosmetic Dentistry & Digital Dentures. Sometimes they are in another facility.

Teamwork Improves Health & Smile Makeover Success

In some cases, the success of a smile reconstruction depends on stabilizing chronic health conditions. In these cases, we team up with your physicians to insure that you get and keep the best results possible. What happens in the mouth affects the whole body. Similarly, what happens in the body also affects the mouth. For patients with sleep disorders, hormone imbalances, diabetes, cancer, heart problems, joint replacement and eating disorders, this cooperation between physician and dentist can make the difference between smooth treatment and fantastic results and failed surgeries and restorations. It’s that important.

Our Patient Reviews

  • This is a great place, if your looking definitely choose them. The staff is always helpful and everyone is so nice. Best place to have your dental work done 😁

  • I came to my initial consultation wondering why a consultation was necessary - and I was blown away by the level of care. From the initial phone call, to the waiting room and staff experience, to the consultation and proceeding X-rays - everyone was wonderful. Dr. Bec and staff are incredible, and far exceeded any expectations that I had. Dr. Bec is welcoming, honest, transparent, thorough, detailed, and took the time to go over every single aspect of our teeth, as well as concerns/solutions. His staff is very kind and attentive also. (Even the music in the waiting room is lovely!) The amount of time and care was amazing, as I'm used to being shuffled in and out. I very rarely leave reviews. But this is one place I will review, and I do struggle to understand how anyone could give Precision Cosmetic Dentistry a negative review.

  • This was by far the best dental experience I have ever had! Dr Bec treated me with genuine care as a person, not just as a potential customer and explained very thoroughly all of the expectations for becoming his patient. He also was very patient and answered all of my questions and some more πŸ™‚ I'm very happy with my first visit there (all the receptionists were wonderful as well and everyone made me feel like family). I feel like I have found a gem in the dentist industry and I look forward to continuing with Dr Bec!

  • So as a first time patient with Dr. Bec, I fully appreciated his honesty, his professionalism, friendliness and patience with or towards me. The whole office experience was excellent. All the ladies I encountered were professional and nice.

  • We were very pleased with the service my husband received. Dr Bec was able to complete the repairs he needed. All the office staff is fabulous!

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