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Why Teeth Whitening?

Do you wish you had whiter teeth?

If you do, you’re not alone! Teeth whitening is one of the quickest and least expensive ways to brighten up a smile. Because teeth naturally get yellower with age, whitening turns back the clock. Whitening makes a smile look younger, healthier and more attractive.

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Professional Teeth Whitening Vs. Grocery Store Whitening

You can buy teeth whitening at the grocery store or pharmacy. Why use professional whitening when you could buy it at the store for less?

Great question. Store-bought whitening sets do whiten teeth. They’re simply less effective and slower at whitening than professional systems.

Why are store bought systems slower and less effective? First of all, store-bought systems use weaker whitening agents. Then they are also not customized to your teeth or needs. Professional whitening takes place in customized, highly monitored conditions. This allows for a safe, controlled, pain-free procedure that effectively brightens your smile multiple shades.

At our office, we offer custom whitening trays. In addition, we also offer the best whitening system currently on the market, KOR, for amazing, immediate results. Patients can choose between in-office whitening as well as professional grade, at-home treatments.

But Doesn’t Teeth Whitening Treatments Damage Teeth?

Whitening solutions work because they dissolve the stain that discolors teeth. When surface stains dissolve, it also uncovers the tooth structure under the stains.

Uncovering the natural tooth is fine and dandy until it exposes dentin or tooth root. Dentin and tooth roots are very sensitive to sweets, hot and cold AND whitening solutions.

So doesn’t that mean that whitening is bad? No! The whitening doesn’t cause the open dentin or gum recession, it simply reveals them. These problems result from clenching and grinding, gingivitis, and issues like over-brushing. The fact that whitening causes sensitivity is not proof that it does damage. However, it is proof that getting your teeth professionally whitened by a dentist matters.

Dentists can spot areas of recession, exposed dentin and pre-treat them to reduce or prevent sensitivity before it starts. We can also choose whitening systems that include sensitivity-reducing agents. Dentists also employ specialized techniques to protect sensitive areas while maximizing whitening. There’s no need to live with stained teeth or sensitivity!

teeth whitening san antonio

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