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you can have dentures that stay in place with fully restored chewing ability and taste sensation

Dentures are less expensive than IMPLANTS and are a functional, long lasting way to replace broken down or missing teeth. It is the most affordable option for missing teeth if you are part of the 50% of patients who tolerates them.

At Precesion Cosmetic Dentistry & Digital Dentures we will help you find the right dentures for your needs.

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Same Day Dentures

Make sure you never go without teeth

Same Day Dentures are the dentures you receive on the day your teeth are extracted.


Permanent dentures

Are your dentures poorly fitted and wobbly?

With permanent dentures, patients can eat, chew, bite, talk and smile.


Partial Dentures

The most affordable option for missing teeth

Partial Dentures are less expensive than IMPLANTS…

Implant Dentures Services Precision Cosmetic Dentistry & Digital Dentures

Implant Dentures

Do you want a simple and affordable solution?

Using modern implant technology, you can have your teeth…

Same Day Broken Denture Repair

Denture Repair

Having Problems with A Partials or Dentures?

Get your teeth chewing comfortably again!

Snap-On Implant Denture

Denture Reline

Do you have a loose denture?

To resolve the problem, you simply have to…

Loose Dentures are Difficult to Chew With

Affordable Dentures

Looking for the least expensive way to replace all your upper or lower teeth?

Traditional dentures are the least expensive way to replace all the teeth…

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