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Is Your Loose Denture Giving You TROUBLE?

If you have had your denture for a while, lets say several years since you lost your teeth, you likely have a loose denture. The denture will feel like it moves around, creating denture sore spots on roof of the mouth and anywhere it rubs against the tender gums tissues.

Why do your dentures feel loose after a while? The answer actually lies under your denture. The bone where your teeth once were has been slowly shrinking. This is a normal and natural process well described and understood in medicine called bone atrophy. Once the bone shrinks, small air gaps develop between your gums and the denture surface. Without filling that gap regularly, the dentures become loose, fit poorly on the gums, and become uncomfortable!

To resolve the problem, you simply have to fill the air gaps! You can do that by filling them with bone again (not realistic), or by resurfacing the surface of the denture.

The bone grafting idea is really important in cases where dental implants are going to be placed. When the bone has shrunk too much, recreating the bony ridge is crucial. For denture comfort purposes, patients always choose to resurface their denture surface, a procedure called Denture Reline.

Hard Denture Reline: With a Certified Lab Technician, Acrylic, Permanent

Once it is clear the denture has lost its fit, a denture replacement or a denture reline become your best options. If the denture has also seen a lot of wear it might make sense to fabricate a new denture. Otherwise, replacing the tissue side of the denture with a new surface will make the most sense for most patients.

This denture reline procedure replaces the bottom surface of the denture with the same like material (acrylic), creating a virtually identical denture lining surface. It is Permanent, or as Permanent as the denture is. (What is truly permanent except Heaven and Hell?)

The dentist takes an “impression” of your gums using the denture itself and sends the denture to a dental laboratory. The technician will replace the impression material with new chemically bonded acrylic material. The resurfaced denture will feel as comfortable as a new one!

Soft Denture Reline: In-Office, Gummy Material, Temporary

The second most common type of Denture Reline is a Chairside or In-office Reline procedure. This type of denture reline is quick as it is completed in the office, usually at the same time as your consultation. No need to send your denture to a laboratory. No need for returning visits. However, it has a shorter duration lifetime as it will only last for 6-8 weeks. When the soft material runs its normal course, it becomes hard and brittle, making your denture uncomfortable. This kind of reline procedure is beneficial when the patient needs to use the current denture during the healing after extractions phase.

The dentist will remove any old materials from the denture surface. An anti-glue layer is applied on the outside of the denture and teeth to prevent the denture reline material from sticking to the unwanted surface. The dentist will then proceed to take an “impression” of the gums with the reline material. This will feel somewhat uncomfortable as the material tastes a bit like chemicals. It is certainly not strawberry flavored stuff. After 5 minutes, the denture is removed and rinsed under cold water. The denture is then reinserted in the mouth for a second period of hardening, usually lasting 3 minutes. Then the denture is finished by removing any extra material from the edges.

The denture will fit very comfortably and most patients are very happy with this procedure.

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24-Hour Denture Reline Services

The most common denture reline and maintenance services we perform for our patients are:

  • Denture Hard Reline: Permanent resurfacing the denture gives a brand new fit that will be comfortable until the gums change again. This usually will last several years.
  • Denture Soft Reline: Temporary resurfacing the denture makes it comfortable immediately. This service is completed in-office. This new surface material usually lasts 6-8 weeks and it will need to be redone again.
  • Denture Rebase: Replacing the entire pink portion of the denture will provide a new shape and foundation for the denture. Fresh start, fresh fit. This service usually will last many years, much like the Denture Hard Reline.
  • Denture Repairs: Connecting the broken pieces of the denture, giving it additional service.
  • Teeth Replacement: When a denture tooth goes missing or gets broken, a new tooth (or the old tooth) can be added back on.
  • Partial Denture Framework Services: Most common service is adding a broken clasp back to the partial denture framework. This is done removely in a dental laboratory and takes 1-3 days.
  • Clasp Adjustments: Some loose fitting partial dentures can be made comfortable again with a quick in-office adjustment of the clasps.

We perform most of these services with the help of a dental technician located offsite at a professional dental laboratory facility. Most of these services have a Turn Around Time of 24 hours. Some cases will require additional time.

Denture Consultation is the first step you should take if you suspect you need Denture Reline Services

If you can repair the denture yourself, this option will be the most cost effective option. However, if you prefer to your your denture relined or repaired with the best outcome possible, consider the services of a clinic such as ours. Begin by scheduling a consultation. It is very easy to schedule a consultation on our website. Simply click the Online Booking button. Or you can call us and we’ll help you schedule a consultation over the phone.

During your consultation visit, most patients want to know the answers to these questions:

  • Can the denture be repaired?
  • What specific service would I recommend (reline, rebase, rebond, remake, etc.?)
  • What is the cost of such service?
  • How soon can you have your denture back?
  • How long would the repair last?
  • What other alternatives exist and what are their risks and benefits?

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