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Digital technology transforms dentures

Less expensive than IMPLANTS, dental dentures are a effective way to replace broken and missing teeth. Traditionally, we could only make both permanent and healing dentures one way. However, modern digital dentistry revolutionizes the process of making all types of dentures and the quality of the final product, enhancing the wearing experience for these “false teeth.”

Keep reading to learn more about:

  1. Types of dentures and a comparison of traditional vs digital dentures.
  2. Learn what are dentures made of and how that benefits permanent denture wearers.
  3. Watch our video showing how we make false teeth digitally (in one day!).
  4. Finally, find out the types of dentures and cost.


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Dr. Bec works in San Antonio, TX and is  specialized in Cosmetic and General Dentistry.

Meet Ida!

Ida came to us because she wanted to smile again. Working at a school, Ida talks to people all day long. She used to cover her mouth and try to avoid conversations because of her teeth. Her smile makeover started with extractions of remaining upper teeth, placement of 4 implants, and completed with the delivery of an upper Implant Overdenture. The end result? A beautiful smile that she will never hide again.

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Digital Dentures

Many people want to know the main difference between traditional and digital types of dental dentures. Easy! The digital method creates a DIGITAL prototype instead of a wax one. The steps remain the same; however, the records get converted into 3D digital models instead of wax models.

Digital denture design types of dentures and cost denture dentist near me

Digital Models

Digital denture design types of dentures and cost denture dentist near me
Digital denture design types of dentures and cost denture dentist near me
Digital denture design types of dentures and cost denture dentist near me

Final Product

Watch our video to see how we make them digitally – In One Day!!!

Wondering what the process is like as a patient? Watch the video below to see how we created a beautiful new set of digital dentures in just ONE day!

Digitalization Creates Advantages Our Patients LOVE

  • Lost or Broken Dentures? Digital = Easily reproducible!
    The new digital process doesn’t destroy the digital prototype. Therefore, it can be re-made easily in as little as one day. No more starting from scratch.
  • Need Teeth Fast? Digital = FAST
    With a digital process, everything happens in our in-office digital lab. This eliminates trips to an off-site dental lab and makes the process much quicker. In some cases, a digital denture can be made in ONE DAY! No travel time, no wax working time.
  • Can You Say OPTIONS?!?
    Digitalization means we can choose from more materials. How can this help you? Materials vary in strength, flexibility, processing time, cost and in how natural they look. We design each set of digital dentures to suit each patient’s needs, esthetics and budget.
  • Digital Continually Improves Unlike the traditional process that got frozen in time, digital processes continually update as technology advances. Digital flexibility lets us take advantage of developments in dental materials, methods and approaches. Not only is digital easily reproducible, but it is easily updatable.
  • NO Shrinkage = Prectible Fit! This is the MOST IMPORTANT advantage! No shrinkage – What you design is what you get! Because digital dental dentures are either milled or 3D printed, they never have any shrinkage. This added predictability of fit offers a huge advantage over the traditional method.

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What Are Digital Dentures Made Of?

Traditionally dentures were made from acrylic. Digital dentures open up possibilities for multiple combinations of materials. First, they can be made from a printed or milled acrylic base with printed or milled acrylic teeth. This option is the lightest and fastest. Second, they can be made from a milled resin base and printed or milled acrylic teeth. The resin base is more durable than an acrylic one.The final, most durable and natural looking option is a milled resin base with milled resin teeth or pre-made porcelain teeth.

Each material offers unique advantages and this allows the dentist to design permanent dentures to suit each patient’s unique needs.

false teeth

Types of Dentures: Traditional or Digital?

Until recently, dentists only had the traditional way to make false teeth. Thanks to modern technology, offices like ours make them digitally in a digital dental lab. What makes the difference between traditional and digital dental dentures? There are several key differences. Keep reading to find out the limitations of the traditional method and the ways that digital dentures transform those limitations into advantages.

Traditional False Teeth

In the traditional method, dentists design a denture in a series of steps that create a wax prototype. This design process takes several weeks because each step requires several days of processing at a dental laboratory. In the final step, the dental laboratory “processes” the wax prototype to make the permanent denture. Unfortunately, in spite of the fact that this process has serious limitations, most dentists still use the traditional method.

  • Not Reproducible:
    In the first place, the physical prototype gets destroyed while fabricating the permanent teeth. That means you can’t just “get a replacement” if they get broken or lost. To replace a set of false teeth, you have to start from scratch.
  • Takes Too Long:
    Second, the traditional process takes a long time because the prototype design must go back and forth to the dental laboratory. This time at the lab can add extra days or weeks to the process.
  • Only One Material:
    The traditional process of converting a wax prototype into the final limits the possibilities of the materials that can be used to acrylic.
  • Unpredictable Shrinkage:
    The process of converting a physical, wax prototype to an acrylic permanent denture changes the fit of the final teeth in an unpredictable way. Why? As the acrylic sets, it shrinks slightly. This shrinkage means that the final fit never precisely matches the wax prototype. It also impacts the fit and comfort of the final permanent denture. In the past, we accepted this shrinkage because there was no other way to make a denture. Now, however, things have changed.
Wax Denture Prototype

Here’s the Initial Try-in of a Traditional Wax Prototype

Remember, wax prototypes get destroyed when the final teeth are made. Therefore, any denture made using a wax prototype can never be “re-made.” Any replacement would have to be started from scratch. The fact that digital dentures use digital prototypes creates a major advantage for ease of replacement and fit! Keep reading to learn why…

Types of Dentures and Cost

What’s the difference in initial cost of digital vs traditional?

Digital dentures are only done by dentists with specialized digital denture labs in their offices. Your average dentist doesn’t have that kind of technology. Therefore, you’ll rarely find a digital denture at the dental dollar store. Digital ones normally cost the same price per arch as well made traditional ones.

Digital: Cheaper over time?

Absolutely, yes! One of the amazing benefits of a digital denture is the fact that it can be re-made with the touch of a button from your 3D model. These digital replacements save you time and money because you only have to pay for the replacement denture and adjustments. You save the cost of ALL those design appointments.

Digital dentures
Digital dentures
3D Printed Digital Denture
Digital dentures

Total Cost = Immediate Dentures + Permanent Ones

“Getting dentures” for the first time actually involves TWO separate types of dentures. Initially, patients receive the healing one to use while healing after extractions as the gums and bone continually change shape and size. The initial “healing denture” gets continually adjusted as the tissue changes. Patients then receive their permanent one after healing. Whether healing or permanent, the steps and materials are the same. Both sets normally cost around the same amount. It’s important to budget for both healing and permanent teeth so that you don’t get left using worn out healing teeth.

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WARNING!! Dogs eat false teeth!

How long do dentures last? Just until your dog finds them. To pets, they look and smell like chew toys.

Just last week, a sweet patient in the process of getting a beautiful implant overdenture, arrived with tears in her eyes and deformed teeth in her hand. Her dog had found her false teeth the night before and chewed it until it no longer looked like teeth. Fortunately for our patient, her dog found her immediate healing denture that was nearing the end of its life. In addition, we could patch it. Amazingly, dogs often chew them beyond repair. To keep your denture as long as possible, keep it away from pets!

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