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Denture Repairs: Get Your Smile Back Today!

Whether your denture has cracked, broken, lost a tooth, or lost its fit, we can repair it. Denture problems are miserable. It’s no surprise that so many people looking for “denture repair near me” come to us for broken denture repairs. As a full service denture care center, we can provide most repairs with Same Day or Next Day Denture Repair Service. We only partner with local dental laboratories so that we can provide quick turn-around. Keep reading to find out the key to denture repairs that last as well as instructions for DIY instructions for how to fix a broken denture tooth temporarily!

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The KEY to denture repairs that last

No one wants to repair a denture only to have it break again right away. Long lasting denture repairs depend on figuring out what caused the break. According to Dr. Bec, well made dentures don’t typically “just break on their own.” Obviously, most dentures get damaged by injury or accident: The denture gets dropped, stepped on, chewed by the dog or broken in a car accident. If a denture appears to “break on its own” the denture has gotten imbalanced or worn down. At Precision, we don’t simply repair broken dentures. Before any repair, we do our best to figure out why it broke. This means that repairs sometimes require moving or replacing worn out teeth, balancing the denture occlusion, or relining the base. However, it insures that the repair lasts a long time.

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Types of denture repairs

Denture repairs involve repairing breaks, fractures or cracks in the pink gums or teeth, replacing the pink base or teeth, or repairing the fit. Unlike offices that serve people of all ages, we focus on adult patients. That means that instead of doing just 1-2 denture repairs a year, we sometimes do 1-2 a day. Our team takes pride in our denture expertise and advanced training. To learn more about how we fix denture fit, read our pages on denture relines and on what it takes to get a great denture fit. Read on to learn more about how we repair dentures at our full service denture care center.

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Repairing the Pink: Cracked
& Broken Denture Bases

Denture Bases endure a lot of abuse. They get dropped, stepped on and sometimes chewed by dogs. Dentures also crack from poor fit which creates uneven pressure. Because a poor fit also contributes to jaw problems, we carefully assess denture fit when we repair a denture. We don’t just glue the denture and send you home. We do our best to understand what caused the problem because we want to help you prevent it from happening again. Sometimes a denture needs reinforcement or fusing. Other times, repairs require a new pink base or denture rebase. The repair needed depends on the size, type and cause of the damage.

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If you’re ever tempted to glue pieces of a broken back together, think again. I do not recommend you attempt to super glue a broken denture! Dentures endure way too much pressure for regular superglue to manage. And slight misalignments of the occlusion can cause serious denture and jaw issues. The acrylic needs to be fused by a professional lab technician under the direction of a dentist at a denture care centure.

How to Fix a Broken Denture Tooth

The second most common type of Denture Repair we see in our denture care center is dentures with lost or broken teeth. The upper front teeth pop off or chip the most frequently, while back teeth are most likely to break.

Obviously, bringing the denture and tooth to our clinic as soon as the tooth breaks off would be ideal. However, that’s not always possible. Emergency denture repairs are a common need. It seems like people often break denture teeth in the most inconvenient times and places where they can’t come in for a week. They want to know how to fix a broken denture tooth until they can come in. If you must have the tooth repaired immediately, follow the steps below:

how to fix a broken denture tooth

How to fix a broken denture tooth temporarily:

  1. Clean the denture and tooth thoroughly with water and let the parts dry completely
  2. Apply a small amount of superglue on the denture pink base where the tooth fits
  3. Carefully & Quickly place the tooth back in its place. Confirm it did not move as you took the finger off.
  4. Once set, clean the excess superglue. Yes, you will taste some of the chemical taste…
  5. Avoid chewing with that tooth.

If you prefer to use a professional over-the-counter repair kit, I recommend this kit found at CVS stores. I do not recommend it for repairing broken denture bases though.

For a more permanent solution, I recommend you have the tooth professionally bonded back to the denture base at a denture care center as soon as it is possible.

Same Day & Next Day Denture Repair Services

The most common denture repair services we perform for our patients are:

  • Denture Repairs: Connecting the broken pieces of the denture, giving it additional service.
  • Denture Hard Reline: Permanent resurfacing the denture gives a brand new fit that will be comfortable until the gums change again. This usually will last several years.
  • Denture Soft Reline: Temporary resurfacing the denture makes it comfortable immediately. This service is completed in-office. This new surface material usually lasts 6-8 weeks and it will need to be redone again.
  • Denture Rebase: Replacing the entire pink portion of the denture will provide a new shape and foundation for the denture. Fresh start, fresh fit. This service usually will last many years, much like the Denture Hard Reline.
  • Partial Denture Framework Services: Most common service is adding a broken clasp back to the partial denture framework. This is done removely in a dental laboratory and takes 1-3 days.
  • Clasp Adjustments: Some loose fitting partial dentures can be made comfortable again with a quick in-office adjustment of the clasps.
  • Teeth Replacement: When a denture tooth goes missing or gets broken, a new tooth (or the old tooth) can be added back on.

Most of these services are completed with the aid of dental technicians at a professional dental laboratory facility. Most of these services have a Turn Around Time of 24 hours. Depending on the time of your appointment and repair needed, some are same day and others require additional time.

Denture Consultation is the first step

If you need professional denture repair services, contact us to schedule a denture consultation. You can also book the consultation directly on our website by clicking the Online Booking button. The purpose of the consultation is the answer the following questions:

  •  Can the denture be repaired?
  • What specific service would I recommend to repair it (reline, rebase, rebond, remake, etc?)
  • What is the cost of such service?
  • How soon can you have your denture back?
  • How long would the repair last?

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