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Dentures vs Implants: The Practical Differences


To decide whether dentures or implants are better for you, it is key to know the rubber-meets-the-road practical differences between the two options. At the end of the day, we all care about how we feel and look a lot more than the physics of our teeth.

This page is dedicated to sharing the denture vs implants pros and cons that we’ve seen make the difference for our patients with both dentures and implants. Our goal is to help you better understand these differences and how they might affect you. Keep reading to get the practical scoop including dentures vs implants cost, eating with dentures vs implants, comfort of dental implants vs dentures and cosmetics of permanent dentures vs implants.

Dentures vs implants cost

Dentures vs implants cost

When talking about implants vs dentures, most people already know that cost is the main difference.

Not surprisingly, implants cost more than dentures. However, it’s important to remember that your options are not only implants or only dentures. Plain removable dentures are the most affordable option. Fixed implant bridges or All-on-4 are the most expensive option.

Dentures with implants sit in the middle, more expensive than regular dentures, less expensive than All-on-4. So why do people spend the money on implants when they could save money with dentures?

Why do people go with dentures when a higher tech option is available? Keep reading to find out… you may be surprised.

Eating with dentures vs implants

This is the other MAJOR difference between dentures vs implants. Becasue dentures aren’t anchored in place, they move when chewing.

This limits the diet to softer foods, smaller bites and extra concentration when eating. Implants allow you to eat what you want. Anchored into the bone like teeth, implants let you chew everything from steak and beef jerky to carrots and toffee.

Implants cost more; however, they also do more!

Implant vs denture
Dental implants vs dentures

Living with dental implants vs dentures

ย Most people report a better quality of life with dental implants vs dentures.


Dental implants are stable and strong. Teeth on dental implants don’t move around in the mouth. They don’t necessarily feel the same as natural teeth; however, they do feel anchored and they can bite into ANYTHING.

While dentures are significantly better than broken or rotten teeth, they do not sit still by themselves. Movement during eating, talking, laughing and smiling is one of the number one complaints people have regarding dentures.

How do people feel with Dentures vs Implants?

The answer to this questions depends on what people are coming from. Denture patients who have suffered with broken and missing teeth LOVE getting a fresh start with the brand new beautiful smile their dentures give them. Our denture patients tell us they feel more confident, happier and more comfortable than they did when they had toothaches and infections.

On the other hand, if patients have had dentures for a while and been frustrated by denture movement and sores, then they tend to be very excited about implants holding their teeth in place.

Hear from one of our
Denture Patients:

Hear from one of our Dental Implant Patients:

The Psychological Effects of Dentures vs Implants?

Our patients tell us that getting rid of nasty teeth and replacing them with dentures feels marvelous. However, relief and gratitude aren’t the only emotions people experience when they lose their teeth. Teeth form a surprisingly key part of our identity and perceived age. Losing them creates feelings of grief and loss. Losing them also gives some people the impression that they are nearing end of life. Overall, losing teeth is emotionally complicated and includes both grief and relief.

Fixed teeth on implants do not have the same psychological effects because teeth aren’t completely lost. The implant teeth look and function like real teeth. Each person responds to losing their teeth for dentures differently, but when people take it especially hard, we recommend considering implants.

Dentures vs implants: which looks better?

Because we are a cosmetic dental office, there is not a major cosmetic difference between our dentures and our implant teeth. Both are beautiful and lifelike. There is, however, a difference between the way that they age cosmetically over time as a result of bone loss. Here’s what we mean.

Implants minimize bone loss in the jaws. That means that face structure stays fairly similar over time. In other words, implants slow facial aging.ย 

Unfortunately, dentures do not slow bone loss. This means that the jaw bones shrink which slowly collapses the face. As the bone structure shrinks, the skin stays the same, resulting in extra wrinkles and the characteristic “old man” face.

Even though the teeth themselves look similar, implant teeth age better over time thanks to the way they slow aging.

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Conclusion: Dentures vs Implants

  • Dentures and implants are BOTH better than rotten or missing teeth.
  • Dentures and implants BOTH provide a beautiful new smile.
  • Implants cost more than dentures.
  • Implants let you eat anything.
  • Dentures limit what and how you can eat.
  • Implants slow bone loss and aging.
  • Dentures do nothing to slow bone loss or aging.
  • Both implants and dentures offer a major improvement after broken & missing teeth.
  • Denture wearers frequently report depressive aging feelings after losing their teeth.
  • Implants feel, psychologically, like teeth.
  • Overall, implants provide the highest quality of life.
  • Dentures provide the least expensive way to replace broken and missing teeth.

If your primary concern is saving money, choose dentures. You can always look into adding implants later.

If your primary concern is quality of life, choose implants. They preserve bone, facial esthetics and let you eat a regular diet. You feel like you have teeth.

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