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Say Goodbye to loose dentures with Denture Implants

Dentures that wiggle and move are uncomfortable and embarrassing. People come to us every day for help with loose dentures. Denture implants turn plain old dentures into snap in dentures, a hybrid of dentures and implants. These palateless snap on dentures provide excellent stability and esthetics. Implant supported dentures, also called implant overdentures, get designed to snap in to implants, keeping the denture in place while you eat and speak. Keep reading to find out more about how implant overdentures work, what denture implants cost and how to tell if the “snap in dentures near me” dentist is a good one.

Meet Glendora!

Glendora was tired of not being able to look in the mirror, speak in front of groups, smile genuinely, and eat normally. She’d gone to other dentists and gotten unsatisfactory results. It’s heartbreaking to hear how much damage an unskilled dentist’s work can do to a person’s life. Thankfully, after a lot of research, Glendora found our office! As Glendora gratefully mentions, Dr. Bec changed everything! Her treatment consisted of extractions, followed by implant placements, completed with delivery of upper and lower overdentures.
The end result? A BEAUTIFUL smile that looks natural! If Glendora’s implant dentures changed her life, what could they do for yours?

What Can You Achieve with Denture Implants?

Adding two to four dental implants to a loose denture stabilizes it. Solid, stable dentures know how to CHEW! Not only do implants give dentures more bite, but they also eliminate denture wiggle and flop. Can you imagine how good it feels to easily bite into hard or chewy foods? What about talking and laughing without having to think about keeping your dentures in place? Implant dentures look and feel more natural. They’re also easier to maintain and keep healthy than All-on-4.

Why Our Patients LOVE Implant Overdentures:

  • Fewer Implants: Just 2-4 implants
  • More Affordable: Costs 40-70% LESS than All-on-4
  • Simple: Easy 2-Step Process
  • Last Longer: Last 3x Longer vs All-on-4
  • More Hygienic: Easier to clean = Better comfort & safety
  • Healthier: Half the risk of infection & complications

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Real Patient BEFORE

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Implant Dentures Precision Cosmetic Dentistry & Digital Dentures

(2 Implants) Lower Implant Denture

snap in denture cost near me

(4 Implants) Upper Implant Denture

Upper Implant Denture snap in denture cost near me

Dentures + Implants = Affordable Stability

Modern implant technology lets you have your dentures and eat with them too! Compared to All-on-4, denture implants providing great functionality for a lower cost.

Dr. Bec’s passion for denture implants grew out of his desire to help his own parents. When someone you care about can’t eat the foods they love or talk with confidence like they used to, it hurts and you want to make it better. Denture implants can dramatically improve the quality of life for people with loose dentures!

Two Key Advantages of Implant Overdentures


In the first place, snap on dentures can be palateless. This means that the upper denture doesn’t cover the whole roof of your mouth. Why does that matter? A palateless denture lets you TASTE your food! This is a huge plus over regular dentures and it’s possible because snap in dentures stay in because of the implants. They don’t require the suction on the palate.


Patients also tell us that having a palateless snap on denture is significantly more comfortable. The pressure of the denture on the palate makes some people gag.

How Can You Know If a Dentist is Good at Denture Implants?

In order to get really good snap in dentures, you need a dental team that is skilled at both implants and dentures. Creating a beautiful and long lasting snap on denture requires a deep understanding of the biology, esthetics and physics of the mouth. Simply googling “snap in denture near me” won’t guarantee a good result. You need to know if the dentist really knows what he’s doing.

Look for the following clues:

Experience – Don’t Be a Guinea Pig

Are there reviews or pictures from other patients who have had denture implants done there?

Expertise – Training vs YouTube

Find out where the dentist completed advanced training in implants & dentures: post-doctoral academies or just YouTube?

Empathy – You’re More Than a Number

What drives this dentist? Are dentures a passion or just a way to pay the bills?

Equipment – When Millimeters Matter, Tech Matters

Successful denture implants require the latest 3D digital dental technology. When you google “denture implants near me,” do you find offices with advanced technology or do they just talk about CEREC?

Google can tell you what’s close by, but it can’t tell you if a dentist really cares and knows what he’s doing. No matter where you live, do your research. Don’t trust “snap in dentures near me” alone to lead you to a skilled dentist. Do your research!

Implant Dentures: Simple, Affordable and Most Comfortable

Every day we hear from patients how dental implants have transformed their chewing, smiling & talking. Keep reading to learn more about implant dentures.

Are Implant Dentures Right for You?

How can you know if they’re right for you?

The success (and the cost) of every dental implant depends most on one thing: BONE.

– How much do you have?

– What kind do you have?

– Where is it?

The only way to get the answers to those questions is with a special 3-D CT X-Ray.


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How much do snap-in Dentures Cost near me?

Cost depends on what needs to be done.

Answer these questions to determine cost:

  • First, do you have a denture already?
  • If yes, does it need to be remade or relined to connect to the implants?
  • Also, is it a denture that can be converted to attach to implants?
  • Do you need teeth extracted? If so, a healing temporary denture may also be needed.
  • Does extra jaw bone need to be surgically removed to make room for implant attachments?
  • In addition, is your bone density low or high? Low density bone requires extra treatment.
  • Finally, to figure out how much snap in dentures cost nearby, you need to know how many implants will be needed to stabilize your denture. Will you need 2 implants, 3 or 4?

Meet Yvonne!

Hear about Yvonne’s journey from partial dentures to snap on dentures. Would she do it again? Does she wish she could have done it sooner? When we asked her how her new teeth make her feel she had one word: CONFIDENT!

Right about now you’re probably irritated.

We get it. You asked a simple question “how much do snap in dentures cost near me?” and it feels like there should be a simple answer. Why do we have to make it so complicated? Why can’t we offer a package price or a price range?

Believe it or not, we’ve tried both approaches and they don’t work. A price range ends up way to wide to be helpful. It’s like asking how much a purse costs and getting the answer “anywhere between a Ziplock bag and a Louis Vuitton.” Gee. Helpful.

We also tried offering a package price, but it constantly missed. You know what that means? To make a “one-size-fits-all” price work, people end up either overpaying or getting corners cut behind the scenes, We’re not ok with either one of those options. Therefore, we decided to make each person’s price specific to their treatment. That way every patient gets the right price for their specific needs – no padding and no corner cutting. How much does a snap in denture near me cost? It costs whatever you specifically need and not a penny more. Come see us for a consultation and we will figure out exactly how much that is.

Denture and Partial Repair

But Doesn’t That Mean I Have To Come In?

Correct. If you want a price from us, you’ll have to come to a FREE consultation. It’s not as easy as a phone call for sure, but you’ll sit down with Dr. Bec and you can tell him what you have going on and what it is you’d like to do. Your story is unique. Your dental problems are unique. What you want for your teeth is unique. You deserve a personalized price. Why should you pay more just because Juan did?

WARNING! If you Google “snap in denture cost near me” and an office lists an actual dollar amount, BEWARE. That office either overcharges or cuts corner on most patients to make the price work out. Where there’s a one-size-fits-all price, you can bet that there’s also a one-size-fits-all treatment. You and your teeth are unique. Your treatment and your cost should be too.

In order to read more on dental implant fees in San Antonio, go to our Dental Implants Fees Page.

Meet Lonnie!

Not only does Lonnie have a fabulous smile, his smile is contagious! When he got his implant overdenture, he told us the first thing he was going to do was eat a delicious steak and enjoy every single bite! 

From the Dentist, Dr. John Bec

My passion for implant dentistry began with my parents. As first-generation immigrants, they lived most of their lives without good dental care and lost teeth early on. When I started dental school and realized dental implants could give my parents strong new teeth, I decided I was going to become the best implant dentist I could be. After completing additional implant training, my Mom was, of course, one of the first patients to receive dental implant surgery in my office.

Unfortunately, even knowing that your dentist LOVES you can’t erase bad dental memories from your past. For as long as I remember, my Mom has dreaded going to the dentist. She shares the anxiety of so many other people who had terribly traumatic childhood dental visits. However, with the help of sedation, patients like my Mom with dental fear, anxiety and dental phobia can now experience life-changing implant surgeries without the fear. Sedation gives fearful patients like my Mom the chance to feel relaxed, calm and comfortable in the dental chair!

If you’ve been living with miserable teeth or dentures, there is hope for you. You can have a natural looking smile and easy, comfortable chewing again!

I invite you to experience dentistry in a whole new way! You’ll never go back, I promise!

Dr. John Bec

Does Dental Insurance Cover Implant Dentures?

Possibly. However, it depends on your specific plan. Although many patients we treat do have partial or even complete coverage for implant dentures, others do not.

If you would like us to complete a complementary dental insurance benefits verification for you, please call and schedule a consultation. During your consultation, our treatment coordinator will review your insurance benefits with you. Not only will you get your benefits breakdown explained, but you’ll also have a chance to get your questions answered.

Implant Dentures  A Simple Solution for Loose Dentures

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Whether you have teeth or not, you deserve a smile you can be proud of!

A beautiful smile changes how you look. It also changes how you live. Imagine laughing and eating freely with friends again! If you want to smile with confidence, we can help. Take the first step today. Schedule your consultation!

Smiles are our passion so that living can be yours!