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Denture Implants: No more LOOSE DENTURES!

Denture implants transform loose dentures into stable Snap In Dentures. The excellent stability of implant supported dentures makes them feel more comfortable and act more like natural teeth. Denture implants also allow you to choose a palateless upper denture. Our patients love the improved taste and comfort they get when the roof of their mouth isn’t covered. Implant retained snap in dentures cost less than All-on-4 and are a better long term treatment option for tooth replacement.

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Keep reading to find out more about why so many people are choosing denture implants.

implant supported dentures changed her life!

Could they do the same for you?

Snap-On Implant Denture

How Do Implants Help?

Adding two to four dental implants to a loose denture does three major things. First, it slows bone loss and bone resorption around the implants. Second, it anchors the denture in place. Third, it reduces pressure and friction on the gum tissue and this reduces sore spots which is better for your oral health.

Can you imagine how good it feels to easily bite into hard or chewy foods? What about talking and laughing without having to think about keeping your dentures in place? Come meet Dr. Bec for a consultation and find out if denture implants are right for you!

Click here to learn about the difference between dentures vs implants!

Many edentulous Patients choose Snap in Dentures vs all-on-4:

  • Fewer Implants
  • Snap in Dentures Cost 40-70% LESS
  • Easy 2-Step Process
  • Replacement Teeth Last 3x Longer vs All-on-4ย 
  • Easier to clean = Better comfort & safety
  • HALF the risk of infection & complications
  • Better long term prognosis for oral health

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From the Dentist, Dr. John Bec

My passion for implant dentistry began with my parents. Growing up overseas, they missed out on good dental care and had to have teeth removed early on. When I started dental school and realized dental implants could give my parents strong new teeth, I decided I was going to become the best implant dentist I could be. After completing additional implant training, my Mom was, of course, one of the first patients to receive dental implant surgery in my office.

Unfortunately, even knowing that your dentist LOVES you can’t erase bad dental memories from your past. For as long as I remember, my Mom has dreaded going to the dentist. She shares the anxiety of so many other people who had terribly traumatic childhood dental visits. However, with the help of sedation, patients like my Mom with dental fear, anxiety and dental phobia can now experience life-changing implant surgeries without the fear. Sedation gives fearful patients like my Mom the chance to feel relaxed, calm and comfortable in the dental chair!

If you’ve been living with miserable teeth or dentures, there is hope for you. You can have a natural looking smile and easy, comfortable chewing again!

I invite you to experience dentistry in a whole new way! You’ll never go back, I promise!

Dr. John Bec

Real Patient BEFORE

Implant Dentures Before Patient


Implant Dentures Precision Cosmetic Dentistry & Digital Dentures

Lower Snap in Denture

with 2 Implants

snap in denture cost near me

Upper Snap in Denture

with 4 Implants

Upper Implant Denture snap in denture cost near me

Dentures + Implants = Affordable Stability

Modern implant technology lets you have your dentures and eat with them too! Compared to the All-on-4 type of implant treatment, snap on dentures provide replacement teeth with great functionality for a lower cost. You can think of snap on dentures as a type of fixed denture.

Dr. Bec’s passion for implant supported dentures grew out of his desire to help his own parents. When someone you care about can’t eat the foods they love or talk with confidence like they used to because their dentures move all over the place, you want to make it better. By transforming loose dentures into fixed dentures, denture implants dramatically improve the quality of life for people with loose dentures!

Two Key Advantages of snap on dentures


In the first place, implant retained snap on dentures can be palateless. This means that the upper denture doesn’t cover the whole roof of your mouth. Why does that matter? A palateless type of overdenture lets you TASTE your food! Having a palateless denture is a huge improvement over a traditional one because the traditional type of dentures absolutely must cover the palate to maintain suction. Fortunately, snap in dentures stay in because of the implants and don’t require the suction on the palate. If enjoying your food matters to you, you’ll want to consider a palateless denture. You won’t believe the difference it makes!


Patients also tell us that having a palateless implant supported denture is significantly more comfortable. The pressure of a conventional type of denture on the palate makes some people gag. Going to a palateless denture removes everything that might cause gagging. For people who have a strong gag reflex, the transition to palateless makes a huge difference in comfort and wearability. If you have a sensitive gag reflex, you’ll want to consider going palateless as soon as possible.

Wondering how much snap in dentures cost? Check out this blog to learn more about the cost of snap on dentures!

Meet Lonnie!

Not only does Lonnie have a fabulous smile, his smile is contagious! When he got his implant overdenture, he told us the first thing he was going to do was eat a delicious steak and enjoy every single bite!ย 

Are Denture Implants Right for You?

How can you know if they’re right for you?

The success (and the cost) of every dental implant depends most on one thing: BONE.

– How much do you have?

– What kind do you have?

– Where is it?

The only way to get the answers to those questions is with a special 3-D CT X-Ray.


Schedule a Consultation Today to have your bone evaluated!

Meet Yvonne!

Hear about Yvonne’s journey from partial dentures to snap on dentures. Would she do it again? Does she wish she could have done it sooner? When we asked her how her new teeth make her feel she had one word: CONFIDENT!

Our Patient Reviews

  • This is a great place, if your looking definitely choose them. The staff is always helpful and everyone is so nice. Best place to have your dental work done ๐Ÿ˜

  • I came to my initial consultation wondering why a consultation was necessary - and I was blown away by the level of care. From the initial phone call, to the waiting room and staff experience, to the consultation and proceeding X-rays - everyone was wonderful. Dr. Bec and staff are incredible, and far exceeded any expectations that I had. Dr. Bec is welcoming, honest, transparent, thorough, detailed, and took the time to go over every single aspect of our teeth, as well as concerns/solutions. His staff is very kind and attentive also. (Even the music in the waiting room is lovely!) The amount of time and care was amazing, as I'm used to being shuffled in and out. I very rarely leave reviews. But this is one place I will review, and I do struggle to understand how anyone could give Precision Cosmetic Dentistry a negative review.

  • This was by far the best dental experience I have ever had! Dr Bec treated me with genuine care as a person, not just as a potential customer and explained very thoroughly all of the expectations for becoming his patient. He also was very patient and answered all of my questions and some more ๐Ÿ™‚ I'm very happy with my first visit there (all the receptionists were wonderful as well and everyone made me feel like family). I feel like I have found a gem in the dentist industry and I look forward to continuing with Dr Bec!

  • So as a first time patient with Dr. Bec, I fully appreciated his honesty, his professionalism, friendliness and patience with or towards me. The whole office experience was excellent. All the ladies I encountered were professional and nice.

  • We were very pleased with the service my husband received. Dr Bec was able to complete the repairs he needed. All the office staff is fabulous!

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