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Partial dentures: Get more smile for less!

Partial dentures are the most affordable option to replace missing teeth. Partial dentures look great and cost less than implants. Check out our before and after partial dentures pictures to see beautiful partials for front teeth, back teeth and everything in between. Learn more about types of permanent removable partial dentures. Wondering if partials are right for you? Get answers to your specific questions at a free consultation.Β 

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Before and After Partial Dentures

Check out these before and after partial dentures pictures! They show pictures of two types of upper partial dentures for front teeth that we made for our patients. In the first patient’s before and after, you see how we replaced bad teeth and gum disease with a flexible partial denture. It will carry her through her healing phase and looks so much better than her infected natural teeth. For the second patient, we replaced her missing natural teeth with a beautiful cast metal and acrylic partial.

We love offering our patients tooth replacement options that match their needs and their budget. Both of our patients have an easier time with oral hygiene and staying healthy. Now that the infected teeth are gone, they aren’t stuck on a soft food diet and can enjoy more food! There are many different types of partials that can be suited to each patient’s needs. See our section on partial customization further down the page to learn more about the amazing ways partials help our patients replace missing teeth while keeping their remaining teeth healthy!

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Before and after partial dentures
partial denture near me

the right option for you?

Compared to implants or bridges, partial dentures cost less. Furthermore, they are the only dental treatment that you can keep adding teeth to. When they replace a missing tooth, they improve cosmetics and chewing. They also stop tooth shifting and support the sides of the mouth. A well designed partial can last for years with proper care of your remaining teeth.

Partial Dentures most affordable option for missing teeth Before

Missing Multiple Upper Front Teeth

Partial Dentures - Missing Multiple Upper Teeth

Upper Partial Denture by Dr. Bec

Metal and Acrylic Partial Denture

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Are Chronic Health Problems Making It Hard To Smile?

If chronic health problems can make simple tasks difficult, how much more do they complicate caring for your teeth and getting to the dentist. Many of our patients have lost teeth while dealing with chronic health problems. For some patients, it’s a spouse or child’s health condition that has led them to neglect their own mouth. If you have been through a period of difficult health problems and have lost teeth, we can help you get your smile back and take care of your remaining teeth. It’s never too late to smile!

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The Cost of Doing Nothing:

Bad teeth are more than just a pain. Infected teeth destroy bone and infection. To avoid expensive problems down the road, infected teeth must be extracted and replaced. The missing teeth can be replaced with implants, bridges, flexible partial dentures or traditional dentures. When comparing implants vs partial dentures cost, partials are definitely cheaper. In addition, they are covered by most dental insurances.Β 

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Partials Can Be Customized!

Unlike bridges, there are many types of partials that can solve many types of missing teeth problems. Partials also cost less than other tooth replacement options like multiple bridges, implants or full dentures. Do you have missing upper front teeth and a broken upper back tooth? Take care of both with one partial. You can easily do the same and take care of multiple missing lower teeth with one partial. Unlike bridges and implants, partials aren’t limited to neighboring teeth. They can replace almost any combination of missing upper teeth or of missing lower teeth. The ability to combine metal clasps with gum colored acrylic and other materials make these a very customizable oral health solution!

Check out this blog to learn more about a partial denture for one tooth!

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  • This is a great place, if your looking definitely choose them. The staff is always helpful and everyone is so nice. Best place to have your dental work done 😁

  • I came to my initial consultation wondering why a consultation was necessary - and I was blown away by the level of care. From the initial phone call, to the waiting room and staff experience, to the consultation and proceeding X-rays - everyone was wonderful. Dr. Bec and staff are incredible, and far exceeded any expectations that I had. Dr. Bec is welcoming, honest, transparent, thorough, detailed, and took the time to go over every single aspect of our teeth, as well as concerns/solutions. His staff is very kind and attentive also. (Even the music in the waiting room is lovely!) The amount of time and care was amazing, as I'm used to being shuffled in and out. I very rarely leave reviews. But this is one place I will review, and I do struggle to understand how anyone could give Precision Cosmetic Dentistry a negative review.

  • This was by far the best dental experience I have ever had! Dr Bec treated me with genuine care as a person, not just as a potential customer and explained very thoroughly all of the expectations for becoming his patient. He also was very patient and answered all of my questions and some more πŸ™‚ I'm very happy with my first visit there (all the receptionists were wonderful as well and everyone made me feel like family). I feel like I have found a gem in the dentist industry and I look forward to continuing with Dr Bec!

  • So as a first time patient with Dr. Bec, I fully appreciated his honesty, his professionalism, friendliness and patience with or towards me. The whole office experience was excellent. All the ladies I encountered were professional and nice.

  • We were very pleased with the service my husband received. Dr Bec was able to complete the repairs he needed. All the office staff is fabulous!

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