Partial Dentures

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Partial dentures: Get more smile for less!

Looking for the most economical way to replace missing teeth? Removable partial dentures cost less than implants and look great. Keep scrolling to see before and after partial dentures pictures, to find out more about the many options available from upper partial dentures to partial dentures for back teeth or front teeth, as well as flexible valplast, acrylic or cast metal partial dentures. Get the whole scoop: find out why so many people love them as well as the most common partial problems.

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Partial Dentures

Before and After Partial Dentures

We make our patients smile! Check out these upper partial dentures. In these pictures, you see before and after cast metal partial dentures for front teeth. We replaced missing teeth for one patient and gave another patient beautiful teeth in place of sick ones. They were so happy with their new smiles! We also make flexible partial dentures and valplast partials to help during healing. Give your smile a new start!

Before and after partial dentures
partial denture near me

Why Choose Partial Dentures?

Compared to implants or bridges, partials cost less. They also allow you to add teeth as needed. They fill the dark hole left by the missing tooth. They stop the neighboring teeth from shifting and provide new teeth for chewing. When designed well, they can last for years.

Partial Dentures - Missing Multiple Upper Teeth

Missing Multiple Upper Teeth

Partial Dentures - Missing Multiple Upper Teeth

Upper Partial Denture by Dr. Bec

upper partial denture

Amazingly Customizable

Partials can replace many combinations of missing teeth. Partial dentures cost less and do more than almost any other dental treatment for missing teeth.

partial dentures

Choices of materials

Made from either acrylic, cast metal or zirconia, partials can meet a variety of needs. Flexible partial dentures get used during the healing phase. Cast metal ones with a cast metal frame, are long lasting and strong. Ceramic partials are a brand new material technology.

Partial dentures
Partial dentures

Coming Soon!

Soon we’ll be able to make partial dentures from tooth-colored zirconia. Our office is one of the few in the USA with the equipment needed for this advanced kind of digital denture. As soon as the authorizations are completed, we look forward to offering our patients digital partial dentures as well as digital dentures. This will offer our patients even more cosmetic options as well as the digital advantages. (Read more about digital denture advantages.) Stay tuned for more updates as we implement this exciting advancement in dental technology!

The Cost of Doing Nothing:

Bad teeth are more than just a pain and missing teeth don’t just go away. Broken down teeth destroy bone and spread infection. In order to avoid more expensive complications, you need to extract infected teeth and fill the space with an implant, a bridge or a flexible partial denture.

Partial dentures cost less than implants and are a functional, long lasting way to replace broken down or missing teeth. 

Potential Problems with Partial Dentures

In healthcare, no solutions are perfect. Knowing the the pros and the cons helps prevent unpleasant surprises!

Here are the most common issues people experience with partial dentures.

  • Bone Loss: Replacing missing teeth with partials do not stop bone loss.
  • Gum Loss: The gums are like bone’s clingy best friend. Gum always follows bone. As bone shrinks, gums shrink up with it.
  • Gum Discomfort: Partial Dentures put the weight of chewing on the gums which can be uncomfortable and cause sores.
  • Tooth Wear: Partials stay in place with metal clasps wrapped around anchor teeth. Over time, these clasps wear down and weaken those teeth.
  • Compromised Esthetics: Gum loss leads to an uneven gumline and dark shadows between partial teeth and receding gums.
  • Psychological Price: All removable denture options impact how people feel about themselves. The severity of this effect varies from person to person, but the reality remains that having to remove your teeth at night speeds aging and impacts confidence.
  • Rock n Roll: As bone loss progresses, the way that a partial dentures fits changes. They may start moving when you chew or talk. This gets solved with relines and redesigns; however, it requires patience since bone loss never stops.

If partials can have problems, Why Choose one?

With that list of problems, you may be wondering who chooses a partial…Actually, lots of people do. Why? Because of the cost. Implants are the ideal solution for missing teeth because they solve all four missing teeth problems: the cosmetics, the bone loss, the shifting teeth and the chewing problems. However, implants cost more. When implants are out of the question, consider the most affordable option instead. Partial dentures look great and last a long time. Start smiling again! 

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