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What are Same Day Dentures?

Same Day Dentures are the new false teeth you receive on the day your natural teeth get extracted. Some people call them “Immediate Dentures” because you get them immediately after your teeth are pulled. Other people call them “Healing Dentures” because they are used while you heal. They insure that you never go without teeth. They also help your tissue heal after extractions; however, they are not permanent dentures. Keep reading to learn more about temporary dentures, before and after dentures and same day dentures near me.

Before and After Dentures Pictures

Wondering what kind of a difference a same day denture can make? Watch the videos to find out what our patients say their same day denture has done for them. Keep scrolling to see some of our many patients’ before and after close-up pictures.

Trying to imagine what it might be like to get one yourself? Scroll past the pictures to read more about what to expect during healing and beyond.

before and after dentures
before and after dentures
before and after dentures
before and after dentures
before and after dentures
before and after dentures

How do we make Immediate dentures?

Naturally, no one ever wants to go without teeth. Making new teeth for the extraction day begins with a detailed consultation and CT scan. Together we finalize a plan for your teeth that may be as simple as extractions and Immediate Dentures or as complex as extractions and implants with an overdenture. We work with our patients to make sure that every plan fits their needs and their budget. Often people would like implants but can’t afford the whole package on day one. If that’s you, ask about getting your teeth made in phases so you can pay for as you go. Watch the video below to see how we make digital dentures in our office.

Video – The process of making a digital denture

From the start, some people specifically want removable teeth while others plan on getting implants and fixed teeth. Either way, the process starts with extractions and Same Day Dentures. After creating a plan for treatment, we take impressions and begin designing your new teeth. An Immediate Denture is a temporary denture, but it should look and feel as good as possible! After finalizing your new teeth design, you’ll be ready for extractions and your new smile.

Nervous about extractions? You’re not alone. Many patients feel queasy and anxious about getting teeth pulled. Ask Dr. Bec about the sedation option that’s right for you. Sedation lets you feel comfortable and relaxed at your appointment instead of fearful and anxious.

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What should I expect from a Same Day Denture?

Week 1 – What to Expect?

In the first 24-48 hours after your extractions, you can expect your temporary healing denture to help keep swelling down. There is always some degree of swelling and discomfort; however, the immediate denture helps minimize the swelling, which really helps. Expect to eat lots of soups and other soft or liquid foods. Naturally, false teeth don’t feel the same as natural teeth since they sit on top of the gums instead of inside them. But don’t let this scare you. As with many things in life, different doesn’t mean bad, just different. Immediate dentures typically fit snugly during the first week.

Week 2 – What to Expect?

After the first week, swelling goes down and immediate dentures often start to get looser, especially lower ones. When this happends, we reline the healing plate with a soft comfort liner to aid healing and stability. As the gums keep healing and shrinking, the temporary dentures move around more. This movement can cause sore spots as they rub on the gums.

What to Expect Weeks 3 and After

After the comfort reline of week 2, expect a soft reline after approximately two months. We will remove the comfort reline you received initially and place a soft, more durable reline. This reline typically lasts two months and we usuallly do this three times. Watch the short video below to see how we do these soft relines and how they turn out. You’ll see how comfortable and padded the newly relined denture turns out. With the help of the multiple relines, you can expect your Same Day Denture to be comfortably usable for around six months before converting it to a permanent denture or remaking it. To see a step-by-step more detailed video of a soft reline, visit our denture reline page.

Some People Get Extra Mileage

One patient’s Same Day Denture lasted well over a year. She came in hopping mad when it broke because she’d been hoping that she wouldn’t need a permanent one. Her disappointment was understandable. We all wish they’d last forever. However, that little denture had served her well and endured a lot of stress before it broke. We had told her to expect it to last for three to six months and it lasted more than double. We make them as sturdy as possible. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to predict how your tissue will change or how much stress that will put on your new teeth. Those factors determine how long they lasts.

Dentures Are a Process NOT a Product

Getting a denture is a process not a product we pull off the shelf. We literally make a new part of you – new teeth. Fortunately, we do this a lot and that helps us help you know what to expect. We are fully committed to making this process as comfortable and smooth as we possibly can.

A WARNING Word about Pets….

Dogs love dentures. While we’re discussing how long dentures can last, we must mention that not one will last even a minute if your dog finds it. To pets, false teeth look and smell like chew toys. If you want yours to last as long as possible, protect it from your pets!

But I Can’t Afford This kind of treatment!

When money is tight, it can be really frustrating to hear a dentist telling you that the total treatment cost for extractions and dentures is more than you can afford. If this is your situation, don’t lose hope.

When dentures seem out of the question for a patient, I remind them of three things:


  1. A same day healing denture is optional. This temporary denture only gets used for several months until healing finishes. A patient may heal after extractions without a denture.
  2. The importance of extracting infected and painful teeth outweighs the health benefits of a healing denture. Put health first and esthetics can come later.
  3. Payment options allow you to receive needed treatment and pay for it afterwards.

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