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Looking for affordable dentures to replace all your upper or lower teeth?

Making beautiful, affordable dentures is our passion. First of all because dentures are the least expensive way method of teeth replacement. Even more, we love seeing how they improve people’s lives. Not only does removing dead teeth and infection make you healthier, but you also get the confidence boost of a beautiful new smile!

Benefits of Affordable Dentures:

  • Affordability! Get a new smile at a price you can afford!
  • They’re a Full Mouth Solution: Benefit from high tech denture solutions thanks to modern dental care.
  • Get Your Dream Smile! We design your new teeth with your ideal smile in mind. Using digital technology means that tooth replacement has never looked better! 
  • No More Toothaches: No more teeth means no more toothaches!
  • Confidence Boost! Can you imagine how good it will feel to have a big, beautiful smile? Call today to schedule your free consult!

We are proud to provide our patients with the most beautiful affordable dentures in San Antonio. Schedule your appointment today! Requesting an appointment is as easy as clicking the ONLINE BOOKING button at the top of this page!

affordable dentures services in san antonio

Would you believe these beautiful teeth are dentures?

affordable dentures services in san antonio

Gorgeous dentures by Dr. Bec

affordable Dentures Actual Patient 1

Another of Patient’s Smile

affordable Dentures Actual Patient

They look like his actual teeth!

How do we provide affordable better quality dentures?

Our dentures look and feel better. How do we do that and still keep the prices affordable? We treat dentures like what they are – medical prosthesis. Getting a dentures is a complex treatment process, not a product someone can pull of a shelf. Our office has its own digital denture lab and our dentist designs each denture individually for each patient. Having a lab in-office reduces denture lab costs and increases quality and fit at the same time. That’s a win-win deal for you and it explains why our dentures look better, fit better all with an affordable price.

Why Do Some Denture Wearers Complain?

Denture wearers restore their smile the least expensive way, but then some people still complain. Here are some of the issues people sometimes encounter with dentures.

  • Bone Loss: Without teeth or implants, bone slowly goes away leaving less denture support.
  • Gum Sores: Gums get sore from the pressure of chewing and rubbing.
  • Mouth Infections: Having something sit on your gums can cause more frequent infections in the mouth.
  • Altered Facial Appearance: Bone loss causes jaws to shrink, leaving extra skin in the face that adds wrinkles.
  • Denture Teeth Move:  Dentures wiggle during chewing and speech. As bone loss progresses, mobility increases.
  • Changed Speech: Mobility can change how people speak. Teeth are a big part of how we make certain sounds, so moving teeth change how we say some words.
  • Difficulty Eating: To effectively bite into something hard or chewy, teeth have to stay still. Movement makes it more difficult to eat hard or chewy foods like steak or grilled chicken, raw fruits and vegetables, beef jerky or taffy.
  • A Less Healthy Diet: More challenging chewing shifts peoples’ diets toward softer foods. This means more starchy,  processed foods and fewer nutrient rich fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Premature Aging: Dentures change appearance, diet, and speech making people look older and feel older.
  • Psychological Price: Anytime people have to remove their teeth at night it impacts how they feel about themselves. This effect combined with the ways that dentures speed aging, change facial appearance and affect speech mean that dentures often have a more powerful negative impact on patients than partials or implants.

Can’t We Fix These Problems Somehow?

Yes, we can. Adding implants to create an Implant Overdenture stabilizes everything, eliminating wiggle and removing pressure from the gums. This makes it easier to eat a healthy diet and talk normally. The implants also slow bone loss. By providing stability and slowing bone loss, implants reduce all the of the negatives mentioned above except the psychological price of removable teeth. To eliminate the psychological impact of removable teeth, the removable denture has to be replaced with a fixed bridge called ‘All-on-4.’

Read on our implant services page to learn more about what’s involved in getting an overdenture or All-on-4.

Implant Stabilized Overdenture by Dr. Bec

But I Can’t Afford Anything But Traditional Dentures!

When money is tight, no one wants to hear that the most affordable option isn’t perfect. If this is your situation, don’t lose hope. Remember these important four tips:
  1. A denture is ALWAYS healthier than infected teeth or no teeth.
  2. You can add implants later: Get your denture now so that your mouth can heal and you can chew. Save your money for the implants. Even having as few as two implants makes a huge difference.
  3. Implants are not always as expensive as people imagine. Schedule a free consult and come chat with me about possible options and treatment plans. We do our best to help each patient get the care they need at a price they can afford.
  4. Getting rid of infection sooner, saves money on complications later. Our office partners with several banking institutions to provide our patients with lending options. Payments plans make treatment needed today possible.
Dentures Actual Patient 3

Overdenture with Two Implants by Dr. Bec

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Whether you have teeth or not, you deserve a smile you can be proud of!

A beautiful smile changes how you look. It also changes how you live. Imagine laughing and eating freely with friends again! If you want to smile with confidence, we can help. Take the first step today. Schedule your consultation!

Smiles are our passion so that living can be yours!