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What Do Diabetes, Heart Conditions & Headaches Have in Common?

All of these health concerns are dramatically impacted by your dental health. Your body’s wellness depends on your oral hygiene. Did you know that your mouth is the gateway for the digestive system? And your mouth can also be a gateway for inflammation and infection. So when you have dental disease, it will definitely affect other areas in your body.ย 

Health and Wellness

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Most of our patients are surprised to learn what a major impact their dental health has on their health and wellness and on their overall quality of life.

Dental health plays a role in the progression or treatment of all of the following conditions. Click below to learn more.

Headaches, TMJ & TMD

Frequent Morning Headaches? Jaw Pain & Popping?

Most people guess that jaw pain is a mouth issue. But headaches?

Dental Clearances for Medical Procedures

Dental Clearances: Protecting Patients, Preventing Problems!

Preparing for surgery or chemo? A dental clearance is crucial.

Sleep Apnea

A Silent Killer – Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea contributes to the development of heart disease and dementia…

Treatments for Diabetes, Heart Conditions & Chronic Diseases

What Do Heart Conditions, Diabetes and Chronic Inflammation Have to Do with Dentistry?

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