Dental Clearances for Medical Procedures

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Dental Clearances for Medical Procedures: Protecting Patients, Preventing Problems!

You may wonder, “Do I really need a dental clearance for my upcoming surgery?” Yes– even though it adds another task to your growing to-do list. Dental evaluations will give you insight into your overall health. We understand that many patients already feel overwhelmed when thinking about an upcoming medical procedure. Getting their mouth checked out for a hip replacement or for chemotherapy seems like an unnecessary hassle. But, a dental evaluation will warn you of any potential oral health problems that may interfere with your upcoming procedure or the recovery.

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A dental clearance ensures that you are starting off with a disease-free mouth. And a healthy mouth is a critical part of every successful surgery, joint replacement or cancer treatment. Your mouth is the gateway to your digestive system. It is also a gateway into your bloodstream through your gums. A dental evaluation will protect you, the patient. Having infected teeth may lead to untreatable dental emergencies, lost teeth or the inability to chew. In addition, infected gums can lead to increased inflammation throughout the body, which causes slower healing and the possibility of spreading infection. These are bad news when you really need to focus on nutrition and rest after a medical procedure.

So, make the time for an evaluation. Because dental clearances make sure that your mouth is helping, not hurting, your road to recovery once your medical treatment starts. (Read more on Mayo Clinic’s site.)

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