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Same Day Dentures

What are Same Day Dentures?

Same Day Dentures are the dentures you receive on the day your teeth are extracted. Some people call them “Immediate Dentures” because you get them immediately after your teeth are pulled. Other people call them “Healing Dentures” because they are used while you heal. Same Day Dentures make sure you never go without teeth. They help your tissue heal after extractions and they are not permanent dentures.

Same Day Dentures

How do we make it?

Making Same Day Dentures begins with a consultation and CT scan. Together we’ll finalize a plan for your teeth that may be as simple as extractions and Immediate Dentures or as complex as extractions to implants and an overdenture. We work with our patients to make sure that every plan fits their needs and their budget. Often people would like implants but can’t afford the whole package on day one. If that’s you, ask about getting your teeth made in phases that you can pay for as you go. 

Making Same Day Dentures

From the start, some people only want traditional dentures while others know they want implants and fixed teeth. In either case, extractions and Same Day Dentures are the first step to replacing all your upper or lower teeth. Once we have a treatment plan, we’ll take impressions and then design and finalize how your Same Day Denture will look and fit. An Immediate Denture isn’t permanent, but we still want it to look and feel as good as possible! After finalizing your denture design, you’ll be ready for extractions and your Same Day Denture. 

Nervous about extractions? You’re not alone. Many patients feel queasy and anxious about getting teeth pulled. Ask Dr. Bec about the sedation option that’s right for you. Sedation lets you feel comfortable and relaxed at your appointment instead of fearful and anxious. 

How much do they cost?

Same Day Dentures, or Immediate Dentures as they are sometimes called, typically cost the same as a traditional denture. The price will vary from differences in case complexity and patient preferences. Most patients prefer to pay for a comprehensive package that includes adjustments and relines during the healing phase. Other patients prefer to pay for each step as it’s needed.

What should I expect from a Same Day Denture?

You can expect your Same Day Denture to help keep swelling down in the 24-48 hours after your extractions. That’s why we call it a Healing Denture. You can also expect it to feel very different from natural teeth. 

Same Day Dentures typically fit snugly during the first week. As swelling goes down, we frequently add a soft liner to aid healing. After the first week, Immediate Dentures often start to get loose and wiggly, especially lower dentures. As gums get less puffy, the dentures can also start to create sore spots in the areas where the denture puts more pressure or rubs on the gums. Expect to need adjustments and a reline after the first week or two. With the help of adjustments and a reline, you can expect a Same Day Denture to last for three to six months before completely losing its fit or breaking from the stress placed on it by adjustments and tissue changes. 

We know that most dentists don’t mention these negative possibilities on their websites. They’d rather avoid them or mention them later on when a patient is committed to treatment. We believe that it’s very important for patients to have accurate information. It’s true that not all patients need lots of adjustments, nor does every patient experience denture trouble or sore spots. In fact, some patients love their dentures. However, getting any type of denture is a process, especially when it involves extractions and healing tissue. We do our best to make the process as comfortable and smooth as we possibly can. We believe it helps you to know, truthfully and completely, what the adjustment phase might look and feel like in real life.  

How long it last?

As mentioned above, Same Day Dentures typically last three to six months. We’ve seen them last considerably longer; however, these dentures absorb a lot of stress. The constantly changing tissue shifts pressure around the denture, weakening it over time. Frequent adjustments also take their toll. You can expect it to last for your healing period. 

We had a patient whose Same Day Denture lasted well over a year. She came in hopping mad when it broke because she’d been hoping that she wouldn’t need a permanent one. Her disappointment was understandable. We all wish they’d last forever. However, that little denture had served her well and endured a lot of stress before it broke. We had told her to expect it to last for three to six months and it lasted more than double. We make them as sturdy as possible. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know how much stress the healing process will put on your Same Day Denture and that’s what determines how long it lasts.

A WARNING Word about Pets….

Dogs love dentures. While we’re discussing how long your Same Day Denture will last, we must mention that no denture will last even one day if your dog finds it. To pets, dentures look and smell like chew toys. 

Just last week, one of our patients who is in the process of getting a beautiful implant overdenture, came in with tears in her eyes and deformed denture in her hand. Her dog had sniffed out the denture at night, managed to pull it off the counter and chewed it until it no longer looked like teeth. Fortunately for our patient, it was her Same Day Denture and not her Overdenture that got chewed. Still more lucky, it was repairable. Sometimes they are chewed beyond repair. If you want your Same Day Denture to last as long as possible, protect it from your pets!

But I Can’t Afford Same Day Dentures!

When money is tight, it can be really frustrating to hear a dentist telling you that dentures, the only option you can afford, are difficult. If this is your situation, don’t lose hope. When dentures seem out of the question for a patient, I remind them of three things:

  1. A same day healing denture is optional. This is a denture used for several months until healing is complete. A patient may heal after extractions without a denture.
  2. Teeth extractions procedures are move valuable than a healing denture when patient suffers from dental pain and oral infections. Focus on your health first, and esthetics later.
  3. Payment options are a great way to receive treatment when treatment is needed and pay for it afterwards.

By partnering with top lenders we offer financial options for almost every budget.