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We see patients every day who hide their smile teeth when they talk or laugh. How would a more beautiful smile make you feel? As an internationally recognized cosmetic dentist in San Antonio, Dr. Bec blends art, medicine and the latest digital advancements in cosmetic dentistry to craft gorgeous new smiles.

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Dread the Dentist?

Sedation Makes It Possible to Sit Calmly in a Dental Chair with NO Anxiety.

Sound Impossible?

Sedation Dentistry options help hundreds of our patients experience the dentist with a peaceful calm instead of anxious fear.

Dental anxiety and fear are powerful emotions that often keep people away from the dentist for years. Sadly, teeth don’t handle neglect well. With time, dental problems get more complicated and more costly. With modern sedation options for dental phobia, you can care for your teeth without experiencing paralyzing fear.

sedation solutions

We offer different levels of sedation to meet every patient’s needs.

  • Laughing gas, also known as nitrous oxide, is typically used by those who want to take the edge off during their visit.
  • Oral Conscious Sedation at Mild and Moderate Levels are almost always used for our morning surgical or extensive restorative appointments.
  • IV Sedation is reserved for patients who need mild or moderate level of sedation and require an additional level of pharmacological control.
  • Regardless of the method of sedation, you will have the opportunity to relax during dental treatment in a way you never thought possible!

Laughing Gas: Ok, so you may not actually laugh, but you'll definitely feel relaxed!

Sedation by laughing gas (nitrous oxide in professional terms) makes people feel good—unrealistically good actually. You may be in the dental chair, but it’s feeling as cheerful as a pool chair.

Laughing gas got its name because of how pleasant and happy it makes people feel. It’s an odorless gas that is mixed with oxygen and delivered through a nose mask during dental work.

Besides the cheerful feeling and minimal sedation that it creates, patients and dentists alike appreciate that its sedative effects don’t last beyond the dental treatment time. No sitting around in a recovery room waiting to wake up. It isn’t deep sedation, which means that a patient having laughing gas is still completely awake and aware, but feeling relaxed.

Oral Conscious Sedation: When you want to forget your visit

If your anxiety makes your feet drag and heart pound when you walk into the dentist, oral conscious sedation will definitely help. It creates such a deep sense of relaxation that our patients with oral sedation often doze off during treatment.

When you’re afraid of the dentist, we know that it doesn’t seem possible that you could feel that relaxed. Our fearful patients who try oral conscious sedation say that they never would have believed it until they felt it for themselves.

Oral Consious Sedation Is Safe & Simple

Oral conscious sedation is as simple as taking a pill when you arrive for your appointment. There are several medications that can be used depending on your medical history and sedation preferences.

Because oral conscious sedation is a deeper sedation than nitrous, its effects also last longer requiring extra recovery time after your appointment. Our patients typically rest in the recovery room until the medication wears off. Then they go home, eat something and take a nap that afternoon.

The biggest benefit to people who are terrified of the dentist is that they remember very little of their dental treatment. We realize that for some people, not remembering can also seem uncomfortably vulnerable, which is why we recommend that a friend or family member drive you home from your sedation appointment stay with you for the rest of the day.

Interested in getting a digital denture?

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IV Sedation Option: When you don't want to be aware of anything

This Sedation Dentistry option is a method by which mild, moderate or deep levels of sedation can be achieved. Although it is not technically putting people to sleep, IV Sedation is a great balance because, for the patient, it feels like being asleep; however, it is safer and more predictable than general anesthesia is in an outpatient office setting. With IV Sedation, you don’t need to worry about being aware of the dentist working or of feeling stress or anxiety.

Like Oral Conscious Sedation, IV Sedation requires extra recovery time after your appointment. Our patients typically rest in the recovery room until the medication wears off and then go home to eat something, take a nap, and wake up feeling refreshed and happy like they never saw the dentist at all.

Need dental work, but can't move forward because of dental phobia?

Thinking sedation dentistry is for you? Coming to the dentist when you’re scared, even if it’s just for a consultation, can be very intimidating. That’s why we make sure our consultations have a relaxed atmosphere where you can meet us in a no pressure, no treatment environment.

Just Getting to One Dentist is Bad Enough!

What’s inconvenient for average patients can be torture for anxious patients. Running to multiple doctors in order to fix your teeth can be an overwhelming obstacle if you’re already anxious. Too many unknowns, too many visits… Fortunately, here at Precision Cosmetic Dentistry & Digital Dentures we offer multiple areas of dental expertise under one single roof to help you minimize your stress!

Why Do I Care about Sedation Options?

My passion for sedation dentistry began with my parents. Growing up overseas, they lived most of their lives without good dental care. For as long as I remember, my mom has dreaded going to the dentist. She shares the anxiety of so many other patients who have experienced traumatic dental visits at some point in their life. However, with the help of sedation, patients like my mom with dental fear, uneasiness, anxiety, and dental phobia can experience life-changing dental treatment feeling relaxed, calm and comfortable! I invite you to experience dentistry in a whole new way! You’ll never go back, I promise!

Does the idea of a Consultation Stress You Out? Here’s what to expect:

  • Coffee or Tea? Meet Dr. Bec and our fun team over coffee first.
  • No Surprises! Coming to the dentist is enough stress. We guarantee no pressure and no extra stress. No surprise fees & no surprise treatments at your consultation.
  • Let’s Chat! You’ll have time to discuss your concerns, dental history and sedation dentistry options.
  • Easy & Efficient Exam: Dr. Bec’s experience and training help him help you with as little fuss as possible.
  • Tour Our Office: Research shows that people experience lower anxiety when they feel in control of their environments. To help you feel more comfortable, we make sure you are familiar with our office and our friendly team.
  • Sedation Dentistry Options: The unique part of our sedation consultations is that you have the chance to choose. You tell us what is important to you and we’ll help you find the option that best fits your needs.

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