Teeth Are the Wrong Shape or Size

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Are you bothered by the size or shape of your teeth?

Are some of your teeth misshapen, irregularly large or small? Do your teeth look too pointy or square? Unfortunately, genetics sometimes gives us teeth of an irregular shape or size. In fact, unusually small front upper teeth as well as unusually pointy teeth or extra wide teeth can result from congenital abnormalities. However, being born with irregular teeth does not mean they have to stay that way.ย 

misshapen and irregular teeth

Misshaped Teeth Transformation: From Irregular to Irresistible

Modern dentistry transforms odd sized or shaped teeth into a beautiful smile using a wide variety of tools to help you transform your smile. When teeth appear too small, the dentist must first figure out why the teeth look small. For instance, in some cases, the teeth themselves are truly too small. In other cases, the gums are overgrown or the teeth have been worn down. Congenitally small teeth transform overnight into beautiful, natural-sized teeth using crowns or veneers. In the same way, oddly shaped teeth like pointy front teeth can be transformed as well. What’s more, successfully changing the size of teeth sometimes requires orthodontics prior to cosmetic dentistry in order to create space between crowded teeth.

misshapen teeth - before invisalign

Before Invisalign

misshapen teeth - after invisalign

After Invisalign

Irregular Teeth Transformation That’s Greater Than Face Value

Obviously, transforming mishaped teeth enhances your appearance and boosts confidence. Everyone thinks of those benefits first when we talk about creating a beautiful, balanced smile. However, transforming misshapen teeth brings additional health benefits worth smiling about that go way beyond cosmetics.

Most importantly, whenever teeth are mismatched in size and shape, chewing forces can’t be distributed evenly across the teeth. That means that some teeth get hit with significantly much more chewing force than others. Therefore, not only do these poor teeth wear out faster, but they are also more prone to cracking, bone loss and toothaches. Without a doubt, fixing mismatched or irregularly shaped or sized teeth can rebalance your bite and protect all of your teeth as well as your bone and your jaw.

Here at Precision Cosmetic Dentistry & Digital Dentures, when we transform a smile, we include a detailed bite analysis of both the current and the planned smile before we ever touch a tooth. This critical step helps produce a lasting transformation and safeguard your new smile, not to mention your bone and your jaw as well. Protect yourself and your investment by making sure that any large smile transformation includes bite analysis in the planning phase. Without it, you’ll only find out too late that your new smile sits on a faulty foundation.

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