Food Gets Stuck Between My Teeth

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Do your teeth catch food?

Don’t you hate realizing that you have leftover lunch food stuck in your teeth and that everyone else noticed it before you did?!? Without a doubt, foods like raspberry seeds, chia seeds and lettuce love to  ambush our smiles!

Although everyone gets food caught in their teeth occasionally, it happens to some people constantly! Besides being embarrassing, having food stuck between your teeth also raises your risk for more serious dental problems. This “leftover” problem not only significantly increases your risk for gum disease, but it also markedly raises your risk for cavities and intensely bad breath.

food stuck in teeth is a problem, where matter what culture you are part of

Why am I getting food stuck between teeth?

Do you frequently find food stuck in between the same teeth? Finding food consistently between the same teeth means that you have microspaces (tiny extra spaces) between those teeth. Microspaces show up for one of two reasons:

In the first place, microspaces occur naturally. For instance, when teeth drift away from eachother (usually back teeth), the drifting creates spaces. In addition, unusual tooth shapes or angles also create microspaces naturally.

In the second place, dentists sometimes create them as well. For example, orthodontic treatment often leaves small gaps between teeth as a result of changing tooth positions and angles. In addition, odd shaped dental restorations (fillings or crowns) also cause spaces.

My teeth catch food

Food can get stuck in teeth especially with poorly made crowns.

No More Leftovers

Tired of getting food stuck in your teeth? Try these tips to get rid of ugly leftovers.

  • Floss after every meal and snack. Furthermore, choose a floss that especially cleans your teeth’s nooks and crannies. Can’t decide which floss is best? We’ll help you find one that works best for you.
  • Reduce any microspaces so that they no longer pack food. Reducing microspaces requires changing either tooth shape, size, angle or location. In some cases, this involves replacing poorly shaped restorations that trap food. Additionally, reducing microspaces sometimes requires orthodontics or tooth re-contouring to insure that food no longer gets stuck between teeth.

Creating a New Smile and Closing Microspaces at the Same Time!

Gaps between teeth contribute to food getting stuck in teeth

Gaps between teeth contribute to food getting stuck in teeth

Closing the spaces with new teeth crowns eliminates food being stuck in between teeth.

Closing the spaces with new teeth crowns eliminates food being stuck in between teeth.


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