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Solutions to Upper Denture Problems & Lower Denture Problems

Common upper and lower denture problems include loose dentures, discomfort, sores, and the denture being too big for the mouth. Sometimes denture teeth break or fall out and other times the whole denture will break. Common solutions include denture relines to tighten up fit, denture repairs to fix what’s broken, making a new one day denture to replace an old poorly fitting one, or adding denture implants for stabilization. Keep exploring our dental symptom checker to learn more about these common denture problems, what causes them and how to prevent them.

Explore our Service Pages linked below to learn more about the ways that we fix denture problems for our patients. 

  1. Denture Relines
  2. Denture Repairs
  3. One Day Dentures
  4. Digital Dentures
  5. Denture Implants

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Dr. Bec is one of the few cosmetic and surgical dentists in the country who dedicate significant clinical time to caring for denture patients and studying digital dentures. He is the only San Antonio dentist to have lectured on digital dentures at the national symposium and one of the few in the country with a fully digital dental lab in his office. Don’t trust your smile or your denture to a dentist who doesn’t know dentures. Get it fixed right by Dr. Bec. You’ll be glad you did. Book your free consultation online right now! 


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