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bad fitting dentures impact everything!

Of course, bad fitting dentures make your mouth miserable and sore. However, they ALSO make eating and speaking awkward and difficult. When ill fitting dentures make chewing healthy food hard, they negatively impact your all of your health. When your denture doesn’t fit right, you end up in embarrassing situations. A poorly fitting denture doesn’t just hurt your mouth or oral health – it hurts your whole life. Keep reading to discover how we can help you get a better denture fit!

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Is there an affordable way to fix denture fit?

Most fixes are easy and affordable. In fact, the most common and affordable solution is trying denture adhesive. Denture adhesive works to reduce minor wiggles. If that doesn’t work, we next recommend relining the ill-fitting denture. We perform this popular clinical procedure very frequently for people whose dentures don’t fit properly. (For more info on relines, read Colgate’s article).

Why do dentures stop fitting well?

Denture wearers get frustrated when their comfortable, stable false teeth starts causing them problems. Why does fit change like that? To understand why fit changes, we have to understand how bone changes.

Dentures sit on the gums, but they are really matched to your jaw bone. In fact, they stay in place based on how well they “match” your jaw bone. Unfortunately, since your jaw bone is as alive as you are, it changes continually. Without teeth to hang onto, the jaw bone feels unemployed and gradually shrinks. When the ridge of your jaw bone changes and your denture doesn’t, your dentures don’t fit properly anymore.ย 

How do you fix a miserable denture?

Depending on how much the jaw bone has changed, there are several possibilities.


In the first place, a simple “Reline” can work wonders for sore gums. A reline involves replacing the lining of the denture base.


Sometimes, a reline isn’t enough. In this case, it is best to do a “Rebase” and put on an entirely new base. Under some circumstances, we recommend replacing the base and the teeth as well.

Implant Stabilization

Certainly the best fix for denture wearers with teeth that don’t fit right is adding stabilizing dental implants. This works because it both holds your teeth in place and stabilizes the bone. What’s more, implants slow the rate that bone changes. In addition, implants absorb force and reduce pressure on the gums which improves oral health and makes eating and speaking so much easier!

denture relines makes poor fitting dentures fit well again

is there a Permanent fix?

Dental implants are obviously the only permanent solution because they are the only solution that stops bone loss. Without implants, bone levels will continually decrease across your whole jaw. Decreasing bone narrows your jaw ridge. And, of course, the narrower the jaw ridge, the looser your dentures. That’s why we tell people that relines, rebases and remakes are all great solutions that fix how teeth fit for a while. But dental implants are the only permanent fix.

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Poorly fitting dentures can be made very stable by dental implants.

Poorly fitting dentures can be made very stable by dental implants.

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