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Do you have a broken denture?

Broken dentures happen for obvious reasons like a dog chewing them or them getting dropped, and they also happen for surprising reasons like the bite being off. Because making a denture fit well is much more complex than it looks, long term fixes require careful examination and diagnosis of the breakage and the fit. We want your teeth to fit as well or better after a fix than they did when they were broken.

IMPORTANT! At our office, same day and next day broken denture fixes always start with a consultation. We do this because we want to fix the break AND to minimize the chance of it re-breaking.

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It’s more than gluing pieces back together

How hard can it be? Gluing broken pieces back together may seem simple, but don’t be fooled.

Fixing a broken denture is surprisingly more complex than just putting pieces back together.

We live in an era when Youtube tutorial exist for everything. Although tutorials can be helpful, it’s important to realize that fixing broken dentures takes more than supergluing pieces together. We don’t recommend trying to fix broken dentures at home. They seem simple, but this usually complicates your fix and can damage your denture permanently.


broken denture requiring same day denture repair service.

Broken denture requiring same day denture service.

When Fixing Broken Is Crazy Complicated!

Re-matching damaged denture base pieces to your mouth requires specialized equipment and training. In fact, doing it properly involves a careful evaluation to figure out why it broke. It’s important to examine the bite, the bone and the gums and find the root problem. Without fixing the real problem, the break will happen again.

Warning: Don’t be fooled by convenience. Some dentists allow denture wearers to drop of their teeth at the front desk and then pick them up the same way without any checks by the dentist. In most situations, this is dangerous to your denture, your jaw and your oral health. If the fix alters the fit even a tiny bit and doesn’t get balanced, you’ll wind up with new denture sores, a sore jaw or another broken denture.



Broken Dentures

A Bad Bite Breaks Things

An imbalanced bite causes cracks and breaks because it stresses the denture in weird ways when you chew. If your teeth feel like they doesn’t bite evenly, get your bite checked before it breaks.

If you get your denture fixed and your dentist doesn’t thoroughly check your bite, you may find yourself with a temporary fix instead of a permanent fix. Sometimes denture fixes can slightly change tooth positions or add thickness to the pink acrylic enough to change the way your teeth come together. Even a tiny amount of extra bonding material can alter your bite and put your teeth at risk. Every fix should include a thorough bite test.

We offer same day and next day repairs.

upper and lower dentures

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broken denture requiring same day broken denture repair service.

Same-Day Denture Repair

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Implant Dentures

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When loose false teeth make life hard, implants can help.

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