Broken Dentures

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Are you needing a quick way to have your broken denture repaired?

The average denture endures a lot of abuse! They get chewed, ground and dropped! Dentures eventually break and need repairs either because of an accident, because regular wear and tear, or because of the darn dog.

Sometimes only a chipped or lost tooth needs to be fixed and other times shattered pieces need to be fit back together like a puzzle. Luckily, most broken dentures can be repaired same day by a qualified technician working together with our office.

At our office, once our dentist can confirm the denture is repairable, the patient drops their denture off first thing in the morning and returns to the office in the afternoon to pick it up.

Broken Dentures can be repaired with same day denture repair service.

It's More Than Gluing Pieces Together

How hard can it be? Dentures seem simple, but don’t be fooled.

Repairing a denture is surprisingly more complex than just putting pieces back together.

In fact, doing it properly involves a careful re-evaluation to make sure the repair works. It’s important to examine the bite, the bone and the gums in order to re-configure the repair design fit well. We live in an era when Youtube tutorial exist for everything. Although tutorials can be helpful, it’s important to realize that fixing dentures is more than supergluing pieces together. In reality, matching a denture repair to an individual mouth requires specialized equipment and training.

Warning: Don’t skip the bite analysis

That being said, be sure that the dentist repairing your denture takes the time to evaluate your bite. An imbalanced bite can cause dentures to crack and break because it improperly stresses the denture while chewing. If your denture is repaired without examining your bite, you’ll be back for another repair before you know it.

broken denture requiring same day denture repair service.

Broken denture requiring same day denture repair service.

Warning: Some DIY Denture Repair Kits Are Toxic

Every so often we have to salvage DIY dentistry and it’s always so sad. Self-help dentistry can save you money. However, it also can damage your jaws. Incorrectly repaired dentures can throw off the bite. Additionally, they can hurt oral gum tissue when the repair materials have toxic ingredients.

In an effort to save money with DIY dentistry, some folks accidentally create their own nightmares. In that case, their new DIY problems usually become more painful and more costly than their original problem.

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broken denture requiring same day broken denture repair service.

Same-Day Denture Repair

Having Problems with A Partials or Dentures?

Leave your denture with us in the morning and pick it up repaired in the afternoon.

implant denture is a great alternative to loose dentures

Implant Dentures

Make Your Teeth Stable Again

When a Traditional Denture doesn’t satisfy your needs.

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