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Denture Sores Can Drive You Crazy

Denture sores typcially appear on your gums in places where your denture rubs or presses too much. Gum sores from dentures often happen with a new denture as your dentist perfects its fit. Sores from dentures also happen when you’ve had your denture for a while and the fit changes. The most common solution is a denture adjustment or reline. Keep reading to find out about other causes of denture sores, how to treat them and how to prevent them!

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three denture problems that cause bad sores

Dentures sores are painful sores on the gums that make using and wearing a denture miserable. Sore spots usually occur for one of three reasons:

  • First, the denture is too large.
  • Second, the denture isn’t molding to the gums evenly.
  • Third, the denture hasn’t been properly cleaned and is causing a fungal infection.

WARNING: Sleeping in your denture causes sores.

How to fix these three sore-causing problems:

When the denture is too large:

Firstly, if the denture is too large, it needs to be adjusted and polished. Secondly, help the sores heal by eating a soft diet, rinsing with salt water or baking soda water, and cleaning the denture with nightly soaks in denture cleaner.

Wondering how to eat a hamburger with dentures?

When the denture doesn’t mold evenly to the gums:

If your denture doesn’t fit your gums, then either your bone has changed or the denture bite is uneven. Either way, the inside of your denture is going to be uneven on your gums and that makes denture sores. To fix this problem, a dentist will usually reline your denture, giving it a new lining to sit on the gums that fits your gums and bone in their new shape. 

When the denture isn’t clean enough:

If a denture isn’t completely cleaned on a daily basis, fungus builds up and can cause a mouth infection called thrush (or candidiasis). In order to get rid of the fungal infection, you’ll probably need prescription anti-fungal medication as well as new denture cleaning techniques. In addition, some people’s mouths are more sensitive than others.

how To Prevent Thrush sores:

  • Brush or rinse dentures after every meal.
  • Soak dentures every night in denture cleaning solution.
  • Brush both the denture and your gums nightly.
  • Use antiseptic mouth rinses (with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide) to help keep your mouth clean and infection free.
  • If you have frequent mouth sores or dry mouth, DON’T use a rinse with alcohol and try an alcohol free or dry mouth specific rinse like Biotene.
dentures create sore spots

Denture Sores

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