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dentures too big for your mouth?

Wearing dentures too big for your mouth can be painful, ugly and hard to use. They get very loose and cause denture sores on the gums and cheeks. They also tend to look ridiculous. So how can you fix oversized false teeth? The options depend on what is too large. Were your teeth simply made too large? Is your dental plate too tall? Are your oversized false teeth slipping around because you’ve lost bone? Each one of these problems has its own solution. Keep reading to learn more.

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dentures too big

What to do if your dentures are too big on the inside?

If your teeth fit well originally but now don’t fit and are feeling too big, you’ve probably lost bone. One sign of this is when your teeth fit well at the beginning without denture adhesive, but now you need it.

What’s going on? Your jawbone shrinks when you lose teeth and this bone loss makes your denture too big on the inside. It no longer fits your soft tissue and it starts to move around more when you’re eating and speaking.

What’s the solution? Try a reline. To find out if a reline will fix your denture too big for mouth problem, you’ll need to bring it in and show it to Dr. Bec. Schedule your free consultation today and find out if a reline will work for you!

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Size PRoblem? or replacement problem?

Watch this video to learn the 5 signs it’s time for new teeth.

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What to do if your whole Denture is simply too large for your mouth?

Schedule a free consultation and bring your teeth with you to your appointment. False teeth look simpler than natural teeth, but they are highly complex medical prosthesis. In order to tell you what you can do about your oversized denture, we need to know exactly what and why it’s too large. It will require a trip in, but it won’t cost you a penny to talk to Dr. Bec and get your questions answered.ย ย 

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