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Loose Dentures Are Miserable!

Few things impact quality of life so quickly or dramatically as loose dentures. They limit the diet to soft foods which has a huge impact on overall health. Additionally, they make social gatherings awkward, and they add sounds during speech.

Poorly fitting dentures not only wiggle around, but they require obviously funny lip movements to keep them in place. Forget enjoying a steak dinner because loose dentures are torture. (Read more about common denture problems.)

When it comes to Poorly Fitting Dentures, Bone Loss is the Bad Guy

Dentures get loose because of bone loss. It must be remembered that without teeth or implants keeping bone in place, bone gradually dissolves away. As a result, this leaves hardly any bony ridge under the dentures to keep them in place. In fact, the less bone there is under the denture, the more it moves.

From Loose Dentures to "Ahhhh"

To begin with, loose dentures can be fixed temporarily with relines, rebases or remakes. Relining a denture gives it a new lining inside the base. Rebasing replaces the base with a new one. Remaking a denture provides a new base, lining and teeth. These solutions can help a loose denture fit better for a while. However, since bone loss is the problem, stopping bone loss is the only long term solution.

Placing dental implants is the only treatment that stops bone loss. With implants in place, existing dentures can be converted into overdentures that snap onto implants. In some cases, the denture can also be replaced with a fixed, “all-on-4” bridge.

loose dentures treatment

Implant Overdenture by Dr. Bec

loose dentures treatment

Implant Overdenture by Dr. Bec

loose dentures treatment

Implant Overdenture by Dr. Bec

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