My Denture Makes Me Look Like A Horse

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Why does my denture make me look like a horse?

If your denture teeth are mis-matched to your facial structure, your denture can make you look like a horse. When the front teeth are too large, it looks, well… “horse-y.” This happens when a denture is made with teeth that aren’t proportional to each other or to your mouth.

So how can you fix a denture with the wrong size teeth? Get it remade with different size teeth or replaced with a new denture. If you’re sick of feeling like you have horse teeth in your mouth, please come see us. We make beautiful dentures that fit like they should. We’d love to give you the smile you deserve that matches your facie, lips and cheeks!

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my denture makes me feel like a horse

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before and after dentures
before and after dentures

Need help fixing horse teeth? We make beautiful dentures! Click below to learn more.

What to do if your Denture was made too big for your mouth?

Schedule a free consultation and bring your denture with you to your appointment. Well fitting dentures may look simple, but they are highly complex medical prosthesis that have to fit your jaw bone, gum tissue and facial muscles. In order to tell you what’s possible with your big or ill fitting denture, we need to know exactly what and why it is too big. Are your teeth not fitting properly because they were made too large in the first place or because of bone loss. A consultation may seem inconvenient because it requires a trip, but it won’t cost you a penny to talk to Dr. Bec and get your questions answered. The possibility of having a proper fitting set of dentures is worth the trip.ย 

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