My Dentures Hurt!

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How to Fix Things When “My Dentures Hurt”

When someone tells me that “My dentures hurt!” I know that they need an adjustment, help with proper denture care or both. Dentures typically hurt when the way they fit is imbalanced and starts putting uneven pressure on the gums. Sometimes they hurt because of a gum infection.

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Loose Dentures

implant dentures relieve pressure

For patients with sensitive gums, implant dentures can be significantly more comfortable than regular dentures. Why? By absorbing the pressure of chewing, implants take pressure off the gums and provide relief from denture sores and discomfort.


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Sometimes “My Dentures hurt” because they Need Replacement

Most often denture pain is fixed by adjusting the denture fit with an adjustment or a reline. However, sometimes an older denture will be too worn for a simple repair. When this happens, replacement is the only option.

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