Partial Dentures Problems

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Partial dentures problems?

Partial dentures problems are miserable. Valplast partial denture problems are the most common problems that we see. Other issues can include problems with removable partial denture clasps, ill fitting pink partial bases, broken partials and broken or missing partial teeth.

IMPORTANT! At our office, same day and next day partial denture fixes always start with a consultation. We do this because we want to fix the break AND to minimize the chance of it re-breaking.

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Partial Dentures

Fixing Valplast Partial Denture Problems

We see more problems with Valplast partial dentures than any other type of denture. Why? Simple: Valplast partial dentures are only temporary flexible dentures for the healing phase, not a long term solution. They should last about 6 months. However, Valplast partials often last way longer than that.

If you’re like most people…

If you’re like most people, you’ll keep wearing your flexible partial until it breaks. When it breaks, you’ll feel really frustrated that it broke even if you got 10 years out of a 6 month solution. Everyone wishes they’d last forever. Remember that these are temporary partials. Because of how they’re made, fixing one is similar to remaking it. We never fix a broken Valplast partial after the healing phase. At that point, it’s time to replace it with a long term solution: a permanent partial with a durable metal framework.

Missing Single Tooth

Fixing Partial Denture Clasp Problems

Problems with partial denture metal clasps include broken clasps, loose clasps and uncomfortably tight clasps. Fixing loose and tight clasps is often a simple, one visit adjustment. Fixing a broken metal clasp usually requires two visits.

We offer same day and next day repairs.

Partial Denture

Making Badly Fitting Partials Fit Well Again

When a removable partial denture stops fitting well, either your gums and bone have changed or your teeth have shifted.

When we lose teeth, bone starts to shrink in those spots. Gradually, the gums shrink back too. In time, this can affect how well the pink partial base matches your gums. When your gums change to the place where the partial no longer fits well, it’s time to re-make the partial or the base.

Some people only wear their partial dentures occasionally. If you leave it out too much, your teeth will begin to shift into the missing tooth spaces. After a while, the partial won’t fit any more because teeth have moved. To fix this problem, you’ll either need a remodeled or new removable partial denture.

IMPORTANT! At our office, fixing how a partial fits always start with a consultation. We do this because we want to fix the fit and not just patch it for the short term.

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Partial Dentures

Need help with a broken partial or denture? We can help! Click below to learn more.

broken denture requiring same day broken denture repair service.

Same-Day Partial Repair

Having Problems with a Partial or Denture?

Leave your teeth with us in the morning and pick them up repaired in the afternoon.

Removable Partial Dentures

Get Smiling Again

Losing several teeth is hard. A partial helps you chew and smile again!

Fixing Broken Partials

When the pink base of your partial chips or breaks, it will need to be repaired. We offer same day and next day repairs.

Replacing Broken, Missing or Worn Partial Teeth

We don’t see too many broken or missing teeth on partial dentures. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. If you’ve broken or lost a tooth from a partial denture, come in for a consultation and we’ll figure out why it broke and if it can be replaced. Most broken or missing partial denture teeth can be fixed.

When teeth are worn down, that is often a sign of a more complicated problem and definitely requires a consultation to figure out if you need a simple tooth replacement and bite adjustment or if you actually need a new partial.

We offer same day and next day repairs.

New Partial Denture Teeth

Partial Denture with NEW Teeth!

worn teeth partial denture

Partial Denture with Teeth Worn Down.

You can see the Pink Base through the teeth.

Fixing denture problems starts with a FREE consultation!

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