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Do Your Dentures Fit Poorly?

Poorly fitting dentures are uncomfortable and hard to chew with. Not only do they make gums tender and sore, but they also rock and jiggle during chewing and talking. Because of this, poorly fitting dentures hurt people’s health. People with poorly fitting dentures eventually find themselves avoiding crunchy and chewy foods. Instead of meat and salad, they choose processed soft foods.

How dentures fit affects chewing, smiling, talking and laughing. Depending on the fit, we chew, talk and laugh naturally or painfully.

So is there an affordable fix for poorly fitting dentures?

Fortunately, denture fit can be fixed easily and affordably. In fact, the most common and affordable solution is relining the ill-fitting denture. Not surprisingly, we perform this popular clinical procedure frequently in our office. (For more info on denture relines, read Colgate’s article).

Why Do Dentures Stop Fitting Well?

To answer this question, it’s important to understand how dentures stay in place. Dentures stay in place based on how well they “match” or fit the jaw bone and gums. Unfortunately, the jaw bone and gums are constantly changing. Without teeth to keep the bone in place, bone gradually resorbs. While the ridge of bone under the denture changes, the denture, of course, doesn’t change. This results in an uneven fit that causes sore spots and looseness.

Is It Possible to Fix Poorly Fitting Dentures?

Yes! Depending on how much the jaw bone has changed, there are several possibilities.


In the first place, a simple “Reline” can work wonders for sore gums. A reline involves replacing the lining of the denture base.


Sometimes, a reline isn’t enough. In this case, it is best to do a “Rebase” and put a new base on the denture. This refits the denture to the gums and eliminates fit problems. Under some circumstances, we recommend replacing the base and the teeth as well.

Implant Stabilization

Certainly the best fix for poorly fitting dentures is adding stabilizing dental implants. This works because it both holds the denture in place and stabilizes the bone. What’s more, implants slow the rate that bone changes. In addition, implants absorb force and reduce pressure on the gums.

denture relines makes poor fitting dentures fit well again

Are Denture Fixes Permanent Solutions?

Dental implants are obviously the only permanent denture solution because they are the only solution that stops bone loss. Without implants to retain bone, bone levels will continually decrease. This causes the jaw ridge to become more narrow. Of course, the narrower the jaw ridge, the poorer the dentures fit.

For that reason, we tell people that relines, rebases and remakes are all great solutions that fix denture fit for a while. But dental implants are the only permanent fix.

Poorly fitting dentures can be made very stable by dental implants.

Poorly fitting dentures can be made very stable by dental implants.

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